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For £245 return, you’re probably expecting the worst. Like a low cost carrier where after you’ve paid for everything including hand luggage, meals and drinks there’s nothing low cost about it. Today is the other end of the spectrum, where ahead of Black Friday, £245 gets you round trip flights with food, drinks and entertainment included on Virgin Atlantic or British Airways.

Your only mission: picking which one, and when…

a row of seats in an airplaneThe NYC Flight Deals

Virgin Atlantic has teased “Golden Tickets” on Cyber Monday, but there are only about 200 to find, and they may not be for when you want to travel. If you want something to get excited about today, the airline has £245 round trip fares from London to New York City on board the stunning new Airbus A350. Here’s a look at the new cabins, and here’s info on the 4x daily flights operated by the A350.

British Airways is also matching on price, which means Oneworld fans can earn Avios and fly BA, if they prefer. Both airlines offer virtually identical propositions, in terms of free carry on allowance with complimentary meals and drinks served. Who does it better is up to you.

Personally, it’s tough to turn down Virgin Atlantic’s afternoon tea from Eric Lanlard, which is served in economy too – and the A350 feels a lot better on the body than the older planes BA currently flies to New York!

The Dates You Can Travel

These deals are wide open for winter, spring and even autumn of 2019, which considering the price, is incredible. Basically, you can travel almost any day in Jan, Feb or March, the last week of April, the first couple weeks of May, or September.

A three night stay is the only requirement to get the lowest prices, and even if you can’t stay that long the fares are only about £20 more. It’s worth noting that it could be well worth looking at the flight and hotel packages, which can bring 3 nights Manhattan hotel and flights for around £389 per person if you book for two…

New York City SkylineHow To Book These Flights

New York for £245 round trip on Virgin Atlantic or BA, direct from London is superb and thankfully booking isn’t a pain in the a$$ either. You can book these flights direct with either airline for £260, but if you book via Skyscanner, prices are down to £245 – which is tough to argue with. Here’s a link to the best deals from both airlines, like…

Here’s a guide to making the most of New York City, from how to get from the airport into the city, to all the must try restaurants bars and places to stay. NYC is special to GSTP, so we wouldn’t give you any bad recommendations!

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