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If you’re not earning cash back on everything you purchase on the internet, you’re doing the internet wrong. Cash back sites like Rakuten allow you to earn actual cash back on everything from food orders to shoes, computers and everything in between, all at the same price. Why? How? That’s easy to explain.

And you might want to listen too, because for the first time ever, leading cash back site Rakuten is offering a $40 bonus when you sign up and spend at least $40 at any of the 1,000’s of stores you can earn cash back on. Plus, if you refer a friend, you get $40 for every friend you refer, and they get $40 too. Everyone wins!

There’s no need to sign up fo a credit card, no long forms, it’s like the simplest thing far too many people miss out on by being foolish. Here’s why it’s time to change that.

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Rakuten $40 Offer Referral Offer

Rakuten is a site which offers you cash back on purchases you make at other stores, like Adidas, Expedia, Apple, eBay, Marriott, Samsung and more. Pretty much, like every store out there, even pet supplies and wine. Why give you cash back?

Because the internet is all about money, and when you click to a store from Rakuten, they get commission. They then pass some of that on to you. It works the same with airlines which give miles for clicking to stores from their website first.

Crucially, you get the same price at the store either way, so by making just an extra click or two, first, you benefit anywhere from 1% back to some insane offers like 50% back and beyond.

Rakuten Cash Back Best Ever $40 Bonus
Rakuten has a best ever $40 cash back offer after you spend $40. You can even refer friends and they earn $40, and you do too!

Let’s break the Rakuten cash back process down, pretending I’m making a purchase at Marriott.

  1. I need to sign up for a Rakuten account.
  2. I then login to my Rakuten account at Rakuten.com.
  3. Next, I search “travel”, or just type “Marriott” in the search box.
  4. I then click “shop now”, which takes me to Marriott to make a purchase.
  5. Rakuten code stays in the link, so Marriott tells Rakute about purchase.
  6. When the purchase posts, you’ll see your cash back in your Rakuten account.
  7. Cash back earned from every purchase (forever) turns into cash, gift cards.

The problem is, which continues to blow my mind, people either don’t understand, or are skeptical about it all. To ease skepticism, Rakuten is offering its best ever bonus for new signups, with $40 in cash back, after you spend just $40 at any of the 1,000’s of stores after clicking from Rakuten.

You could legitimately spend $40, and get $40 back.

Skeptical again? Every purchase you make online should be earning you cash back in addition to the points you earn from your credit card. Rakuten doesn’t take away your earning from credit card points, it just adds cash back into the pot.

Even non-heavy spenders can earn $100’s, if not $1,000’s back in cash back each year, so $40 to get you started (and hooked) isn’t a crazy enticer. It makes total sense. Even better, you can refer friends once you’ve signed up and earned your bonus, so you can make $40 from every friend you refer, who then spends $40 at stores via Rakuten.

If you haven’t signed up, we’re always grateful if you want to use our link, since in fairness – we did hit you with the brilliant money saving info! Once you are signed up and logged in to Rakuten, you can look in the top right corner of the screen to see “refer & earn” which will show you your referral code to starting money off all your friends.

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