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For any savvy consumer shopping in 2020, it’s not just about scoping out the best sales and opportunities. It’s about finding ways to stack the savings and wins on top of each other for the ultimate win. One of the quickest and best ways to up any Cyber Monday purchase game, is by using cash back sites to earn a rebate on your shopping basket, whatever store you’re shopping with.

Right now, Rakuten, a leader in cash back, has a massive 15% back at many top stores, and is offering a $40 bonus for new members, which means you’re practically getting gifts for nothing.

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Rakuten $40 Bonus For New Members

If you’ve never used Rakuten before, it’s a damn good time to do so. If you spend $40 at any of the 1000’s of stores eligible for cash back, including Adidas, Apple, Expedia and more, you’ll get $40 back. That’s not a joke.

When you use cash back sites like Rakuten, your click from Rakuten to your favorite shop gets tracked as does th sale, and Rakuten earns a piece of commission from the sale. They then share that commission back with you, and everyone wins. The process goes like this…

  • Hmm, I wanna buy something from Adidas (or any 1,000’s of stores).
  • Ok, let me go to Rakuten.com, check the Adidas Cash Back offer and click.
  • I click from Rakuten.com to Adidas, Rakuten tracks the sale.
  • Rakuten then pays me cash back, based on the sale amount.
  • I can then deposit the money in the bank, or use it for gift cards later.

That’s how they’re able to offer $40 back on your first purchase, because once you start down the road of cash back, it’s all quite addicting. The price you pay on the store is exactly the same, all stores just offer commission for the clicks. And YES, you totally still earn all the same credit card points.

The internet is all about clicks, and making just one or two extras to get to your favorite store via Rakuten is the difference in money back, or no money back. Everyone wins.

Well, except the store you’re shopping at, which because you’re a savvy shopper has to pay commission on the sale, but since you get some, and pay the same price… who cares? They’ll be fine.

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15% Back At Amazing Stores

For this Black Friday x Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday extravaganza that’s going on right now, Rakuten is offering a whopping 15% cash back at a variety of stores. Put very simply, this means if you spend $100 at any given store, you’ll earn $15 back.

That’s on an unlimited basis, so it gets to the point where things you buy for others, or yourself, takes care of one or the other. If I buy $300 in holiday presents, I’d then have $45 in cash back to use at a later date, for anything I want. I can even deposit it into the bank, making it actual cash back.

For Cyber Monday, Rakuten has over 600 stores participating at 15% cash back. We’ve scoured the list and a few that stand out for our shopping needs include…

  • Nike
  • H&M
  • Samsung
  • Saks
  • Adidas
  • Bose (10%)
  • TUMI

Check out the full list of over 600 stores here.

Time To Jump Into Cash Back

People spend more over this period than any other in the year, and it’s just crazy to miss out on real money back into your pocket, for things you planned to buy. Who on earth would turn down $75 back in their pocket on a $500 luggage set from TUMI?

Earning 15% cash back is serious money, and it enables you to take your spending further. There’s never been a better time to jump into the cash back game. Enjoy! Do note, this Rakuten offer is only available to shoppers in the USA, but lots of other cash back sites can accomplish the same elsewhere!

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