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Without a doubt, business credit cards are one of the most lucrative ways of doubling up on your points earning. The only question is: can you get them? Surprising to many- the answer is quite often yes. We’ll break it down based on a variety of factors, giving you a conclusive look.

a seat and chair in an airplaneWhy You Care

It’s the great double dip. Why take one 60,000 point credit card bonus, when you can have two? Most credit cards offer both a personal and business version- and carrying both puts you in line to reap double the sign up rewards, and additional perks along your cardmember journey. One of the very best credit card points bonuses out on the market is actually a business credit card.

Location, Location, Location

This is the first hurdle in the business credit card process. In the United States, a social security number or EIN, which is free to create instantly, to become a sole proprietor is all that’s needed to get started. A social security number is genuinely fine to apply. In other countries such as the UK, things are a bit more complicated. An HRM company number or tax number are needed. This makes things harder, since company credit cards are not as closely tied to personal credit and you’d need a business.

a black wallet with a blue and black designHousehold Business

There are countless anecdotes of people successfully applying for business credit cards in the US, using their personal social security number and listing company revenue as zero. Why you might ask? Because technically, running a household can be a business, and even a start up, started by someone with strong personal credit should be approved for one reason. Separating expenses from personal accounts, streamlining books is always a good idea. A lemonade stand is a business. Start em’ early, right? Plus, scoring 5x points on advertising is awesome.

Personal Credit Matters Most

The more thriving your business, the better- and always be honest about numbers. From a first glass of lemonade-lemonade stand, to a multi national corporation, credit cards generally run on personal credit. If you have very strong personal credit, you’ll likely be approved for a business credit card. The more revenue the better obviously, but don’t sweat zero. Zero may just mean that you call the credit card company and explain why you’re getting the card, before being approved. Separating business and personal expenses is one of the best ways to start a business off right, so getting a business credit card makes complete sense- whatever stage of the business.

Do you use business credit cards to your advantage?

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