Lisbon, Portugal old town streets and street car.

Times, they are a’changing, and in the UK, the approved list of destinations without quarantine restrictions upon arrival is too. In fact, it’s every week now. After missing out on virtually the entire summer, Portugal is now a “go” again for British travellers, while Croatia is now off limits…

Portugal Added To Travel Corridor List

The UK Government has added beautiful Portugal to its list of “approved” travel corridors, where a quarantine upon arrival into the UK is not necessary for visitors, or returning residents. For those desperate for some, pasteis de nata, golf in the sun, or a swim in the ocean, it’s fantastic news, and will apply to all arrivals from 4AM Saturday.

Unfortunately for other travellers, Croatia and Austria, as well as Trinidad and Tobago have been removed from the UK travel corridor list, meaning all arrivals after 4AM, Saturday August 22nd will need to self isolate for 14 days, upon entry from the country.

In last week’s shock quarantine list additions, airline ticket prices skyrocketed over 10x with travellers abroad in France, The Netherlands and 4 other countries aiming to get back to the UK before the measures officially kicked in.

After a summer left off the UK travel corridor list, Portugal has been rocked by lack of tourism, citing the worst summer in decades, with millions of jobs at risk.

Lisbon, Portugal old town streets and street car.

From Faro to Lisbon, The Algarve and beyond, Portugal is a fabulous destination, and now one keen to win back the remaining weeks of summer. With abundant access to private villas and socially distanced accommodation, it’s not a bad choice for a last little getaway, in the slightest.

End Of The Croatian Summer

For Croatia, it’s the end of a mercurial summer. Croatia famously bucked the advice of European authorities, allowing Americans to visit without quarantine or covid-19 test, before updating advice to require isolation and a test.

The move put the tourism hot spot at odds with other European countries eager to stem the flow of covid-19, and is now on the list of the UK’s destinations where you can still go, but you’ll need to 14 day quarantine upon return, and may not have your travel insurance work as usual.

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