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The good news is in: Hawaii will allow visitors to bypass quarantine from August 1st, provided they can show a negative covid-19 test on arrival, which must be recent with 72 hours. This mean short trips to this magnificent stretch of Pacific Islands are once again possible without needing to hole up in your own room, and that long needed break is just a couple bookings away.

Hawaii may feel like quite a stretch financially right now, but with flights under $200, there are ways to keep the dream alive. A test and a mask is small price of pay for a little slice of Hawaiian paradise…

Hawaii Flight Deals Under $200

Mainland cities across the West Coast of the United States have flight deals to Hawaii starting just under $200 round trip. East Coast even has flights in the low $400’s round trip, which is solid. Of course, any visitor will need to factor in the cost of getting a covid-19 test result just before departure, but these fares go a long way in making that more realistic.

If you’ve got hotel points, Hawaii is also more accessible either! Many hotels offer fantastic availability for the rest of the year, which means this could be one of the most affordable trips in a long time, which is handy in these times.

The best deals to Hawaii (mainly Honolulu, Kona) are available from: San Diego, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. From the Midwest and East Coast, you’ll find the best deals from Boston, Chicago, Orlando and New York.

Dates You Can Find These Flight Deals

The best deals are available starting in August, which makes sense, since there’s no point in visiting before then. You’ll tend to find the best prices for departures between Monday and Thursday from August 2020 – December 2020. Naturally, the deals disappear just before December holidays. Sigh.

Unlike many deals we see at these super low rates, most don’t have a one week stay requirement. The best way to figure it out is to start with a one week trip, and then try to cut away the days and see if you can keep the same low price. Obviously, staying longer is fine too.

How To Book Hawaii This Year

Cheap flights are always nice, particularly for a fan favorite destination, and one where many fans haven’t been able to get back for a long time. Here are links to the cheapest deals from each city, so just change the dates and play around until you find something wonderful, like…

The What If’s Of Travel Right Now

If you need a negative result to board a flight, and you test positive – what happens? Fortunately, airlines are offering more flexibility than usual, and that means making some tickets refundable, or changeable without a fee. Be sure to research which airlines, hotels or online travel agencies have the most flexible policies for your needs.

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