There’s never been a more hyped seat in business class than the Qatar Airways “QSuite”. Unveiled just a couple months ago in Berlin, the seat is not a seat at all-it’s a private, fully enclosed suite, and if you’re traveling with a companion, it’s even more. You can dine together as a group of four, thanks to the inventive new middle section, or a couple can select a row where two beds are side by side, creating a private double bed. There’s now a launch date.

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That was the good news, and it won lots of acclaim-but the airline still needed to actually deliver on this promising “first” in business product.. In airline history, almost every seat launch has been pushed back due to manufacturing or installation issues. According to reputable sources, the QSuite will make its official debut from London to Doha and vice versa on June 10th on Qatar Airways Flights 7,8 respectively. This is subject to change, of course. Qatar naturally took to Instagram today to tease us

There are so many questions involving when other routes will be launched, how to check seat maps, etc, so here is the best possible information.

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How Can I See If My Flight Has The QSuite?

For the most part, you presently cannot. New seat maps have not been loaded in by Qatar yet, so even if you’re flying on a QSuite flight, it likely will not show as such, yet. Qatar is sticking to its launch routes of London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Sao Paulo, in order. The London route will have regular QSuite service within 45 days.

Which Planes Will Get The Seat First?

This is a topic of much debate. The new QSuites are being installed in Zurich, and the 77W, the Boeing 777-300 aircraft are the first to be retrofitted. However, new A350’s, specifically aA350-1000’s many of which  are being delivered in the latter half the year are reportedly arriving with the new QSuite seats installed to save time. There could likely be more A350 aircraft with the new seats than 777’s at the end of 2017, but this is all inside stuff we can’t be sure of.

I Got One Of The “Sake Fares”, The £560 ($640) Business Class Deals To Tokyo, Will It Have The New Seat?

As someone who got one as well, I certainly hope so. Only a marketing genius would’ve created the sake fare to give the most interested and engaged customers a crazy deal, to be among the first to experience a new suite. We’re not sure if there are any marketing geniuses at Qatar, so it’s impossible to say. Flights from June-October are being operated by an A350 from Doha to Tokyo Haneda, so depending on where Qatar send their newly fitted A350’s, they very well could have them, but you can’t be sure. The later in the year, the better the chances. It’s all smoke and mirrors right now.

Is There Anywhere To Keep Track Of All The Launches?

Yes, as usual, Flyertalk is invaluable. There is a dedicated thread discussing the QSuite launch, retrofit, new aircraft installs and so forth, with experts from the airline-and those close to it chiming in. Of course you’ll have to take the crassness with a grain of salt. It’s the nature of the beast. For now, starting June 10th, it’s beyond likely that the 77W flights :QR7 and QR8 from London to Doha and vice versa will be your best bets for the inaugural. Any A350’s on the London route would be a next best bet, later in the year. 787’s and A380’s are your worst bet.

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