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Maldives… check.

Qsuites… check.

Great deal…. also check.

The Maldives are an end all, be all destination for many travellers, offering waters with clarity that may rival your bath tub and sand nearly as soft as your kitchen flour. Add in the ridiculous seclusion and refinement you’ll find in basically any resort, and it’s pretty much heaven. Another place which is awesome to visit: Zagreb, Croatia.a room with two monitors and a red seat

If you want the best deals to the Maldives with the ridiculous comfort of Qatar’s Qsuites, that’s where you’ll be heading, and it’s totally worth using a few points or a cheap flight to get there. If Gothenburg is more your style, that’s where you’ll find the next best pricing, but Zagreb is hundreds cheaper…

The Qatar Business Class Deals

Qatar Airways is flying an A350 with Qsuites to the Maldives and that makes the jump from Doha to island heaven extra heavenly. To promote their relatively new service out of Zagreb, the airline has launched hot fares from £1300 round trip in business class. You’ll enjoy fully flat beds on the flight from Zagreb to Doha, and then Qsuites on the flight from Doha to the Maldives.a screenshot of a flight schedule

Zagreb is a really exciting city, so rather than looking at this as an inconvenience, it’s more fun to see it as an excuse to tick off a fun European city, in addition to your baller trip to the Maldives. Basically, wherever you are, this is a price many people pay for economy to the Maldives, so to lock in this level of luxury by just starting in an exciting city is fantastic.

The Dates You Can Jet To The Maldives

These brilliant deals are around on virtually any date in August or September, and then are about £100 higher for October or November, and also in January and February of 2020. A minimum stay of at least three nights seems to be the only necessity to lock in the lowest prices.

a beach with a hut and a group of palm treesHow To Book These Qsuites Deals

The first thing you want to figure out is if your flight will offer Qsuites. You can use the free “seat map” tool on ExpertFlyer to search for a seating configuration like the following on your Doha to Male flight by entering the date and flight number you’re eyeing up. If it looks like this you’re in luck…a screenshot of a testIf it doesn’t look like the above, you’ll get the standard Qatar A350 experience, which is still fantastic, just sans privacy doors at every seat. To book, simple enter ZAG to MLE on the Qatar Airways website and look for prices of 11,400HRK round trip, which is about $1700, €1500 or £1300 however you like to slice up your money.

Book with Qatar Airways here.

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  1. Be careful on Qatar. Booked a similar deal on the from Milan to Doha and the Bangkok and they have changed all segments apart from one flight that we booked as Qsuite into standard old style 777, which absolutely sucks

    1. Knowing Qatar, by the time you fly, that will change 3 more times and probably be Qsuites on the majority.

  2. Lol, it’s just an unlucky equipment change. Albeit it being less than optimal a 2-2-2 flatbed isn’t that bed, at least you can sleep comfortably. Saying to “be careful” is such an overblown statement.

  3. I agree with others..Qatar changes aircrafts very often and qsuite is not guaranteed at all and old 777 sucks indeed

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