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Sometimes its easier to start with a dream than a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Here’s the dream…a bed in a roomQatar Airways offers two of the most revolutionary business class options in the sky, via their QSuites pictured above, and their A380 bar, which you’ll now see just below…a bar in a planeThese cabins are just as jaw dropping in real life as in pictures, and maybe even more so. This naturally brings the big question into the equation: how to get yourself into those wild seats, without smuggling your way in, or parting ways with millions of points. The best solution: Avios, and one particularly beneficial route…

two airplanes in the skyQatar Airways Airbus A380, with on board bar will debut on the Doha-Frankfurt route from March 31st, 2019. At the same time, Qatar announced that their award winning business class QSuites would also debut on the route from May 1st, 2019 with the Boeing 777. This is news on its own, but it’s how Avios relates to Doha and Frankfurt which make for a really cool opportunity.

a person holding a credit card and typing on a laptopBritish Airways Avios offer unique potential here because the points are easy to create and the rates for using them can be favorable when distance works in your favor. You can easily transfer your points from American Express, Chase or Marriott Points into Avios in minutes, which put you just a few clicks away from booking. The next interesting part is that Doha and Frankfurt fall into a unique, lower distance band, which is a total bargain.

a room with a computer and monitors37,500 credit card points or Avios is all you need to book one of these incredible flights, thanks to British Airways unique distance based chart. Whereas a city like London would cost 50,000 Avios points in business class each way and substantial additional surcharges, Frankfurt slides into a lower distance band requiring fewer points. There’s also the whole “availability” thing. Frankfurt currently has incredible availability in business class, for up to four passengers.

a couple of wine glasses on a tableFrankfurt is so easy to reach from many European gateways, it’s a no brainer to save more than 12,000 points per person and enjoy lower surcharges. To book, simply login to British Airways Executive Club, select “Spend Avios” and search from DOH to FRA, or FRA to DOH. If you want the A380, search from March 31st 2019 onward. If you want the business class QSuites complete with privacy doors, search from May 1st, 2019 onward. To avoid steep surcharges, book one way at a time. Surcharges will be lower from Doha to Frankfurt than from Frankfurt to Doha, but booking one way at a time, even for round trips will save considerable money.

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  1. Thanks for this! Do you think if we were travelling as a family of four (one 2.5yr old and one baby) we could book one adult and one child in business and one adult and the baby in economy, but have the economy ticket adult use the business class seat for most of the flight? Or would that depend on the crew? Just curious!!!!

    1. By all traditional accounts that would be a big no, and highly frowned upon by all around as well. What you choose to do with that information is up to you though. Happy travels.

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