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When it comes to making the journey as exciting as the final destination, Qatar Airways is pretty much the dream. That’s particularly true in business class. With dine in demand food, award winning wines and seats fit for a king or queen, it’s generally regarded as the world’s best business class airline. In the airlines Qsuites offering, things even go up a notch, with fully private suites complete with doors.

This level of comfort is always worth a little effort, and for many travellers, that’s generally meant picking up great Qatar deals from European cities like Stockholm, Sofia, Oslo, Zagreb and other areas where the best deals tend to bubble up. If you want prices which aren’t all that much more, without the hassle or added expense of getting to one of these cities, Qatar has a rare London sale on at the moment, which brings their very best from £1575 return.

a group of people sitting in a business classThe Flight Deals

Qatar Airways appear to have loaded new prices in for the bank holiday weekend, and as far as luxurious business class experiences go, there are some real “bargains”. Destinations like Beijing, Seychelles, Penang, Hong Kong and Seoul are all at prices much lower than usual, which means it’s probably a good time to take a peek. We were able to pull up prices like…

  • £1659 London to Mumbai (all Qsuites)
  • £1660 London to Seychelles (Qsuites London-Doha)
  • £1675 London to Shanghai (all Qsuites).
  • £1770 London to Beijing (all Qsuites).
  • £1765 Edinburgh to Penang (no Qsuites).
  • £1850 Edinburgh to Seoul (no Qsuites).
  • £1999 London to Hong Kong (all Qsuites)
  • £2075 Manchester to Tokyo (Qsuites Doha-Tokyo)

I know what you’re thinking – but you said £1525.

These are the prices you see booking direct with Qatar Airways, but if you book via Skyscanner, the fares drop. We’ve got links below to both, since you really can’t go wrong either way.

Shanghai SkylineThe Dates You Can Travel

These deals are bookable right now, which is nice. To take advantage, most deals offer availability from the end of August 2019 through March 2020. You’ll experience standard blackouts around December holidays but just about everything else is up for grabs.

The minimum stay requirement for each deal will be slightly different, but some allow turnarounds under a week, while others are perfect for stays of a week or more. Fortunately, Qatar shows you all the prices for 7 days in either direction, so it’s easy to spot the lowest fares without a PhD.

How To Book These Hot Deals

Having a great trip on the horizon is always so exciting, and when you’re flying in a private suite it just doesn’t get better. These deals can be booked directly with Qatar Airways right here. Simply enter the starting city, destination and use the dates described above. The 7 day calendar is super helpful and there’s also a 15 day calendar to see wider pricing…

If you want to try and shave off £100 or so per ticket, you can try your luck with Skyscanner, Kayak or other online travel agencies. Here are a few examples like £1525 Shanghai, £1530 Seychelles and £1580 Mumbai.

a couple of wine glasses on a tableOh, and good to know…

If you want to ensure that you’re on Qsuites, look for a seat map like the following. It’ll show the staggered seats which represent the inner and outer suites. Here’s a review of Qsuites, and here’s a review of the main seat you’ll find if you’re on a Gatwick based 787 cabin, which is still super nice.

a screenshot of a testFurthermore, these flights would earn at least 560 tier points in the British Airways Executive Club, which puts you 4 BA flights and 40 tier points away from securing Oneworld Sapphire Status for the year, which gets you into lounges even if you’re flying economy. This is one of those times where the rebate from these flights can be worth a lot more than you’d ever imagine. Like, a year of flying perks.

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  1. don’t get overexcited with Qsuites as Qatar changes aircrafts all the time and you might get very old 777 ( even all 4 legs ) with 2-2-2 configuration instead..and obviously you will not get any compensation with miles etc; having very bad experience with Qatar I am not crazy about the airline any longer

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