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Ready to get away, or plan one, and just need the right deal? Our friends at Premium Flights have compiled not one, not two, but virtually all the best deals from Europe to places throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East, from easy to reach cities in more than 13 countries. Even better, they’re all spelled out below.

Qatar Airways is running some fantastic promotions from many countries in Europe, particularly in business class. The Qatar experience on the cheapest tickets is a bit different now, and doesn’t automatically include lounge access unless you hold elite status with Oneworld, but the on board experience is unchanged.

You can read up about all the new differences on “R” fares, here.

Qatar Airways Qsuite Business Class
The discount applies in both economy and business class…

All The Best Qatar Business Class Deals

These flight deals present lots of opportunity from countries all over Europe, both East, West and Central.

Eligible Flight Origin Countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Turkey.

Exclusion Destinations: Australia, India, Pakistan, Philippines, China, United States.

Don’t worry, the full list of deals is down below.

This deal can only be booked via the Qatar Airways website here with the promotion code UEFA. The offers are only valid for bookings made until 23, July 2021, so you’ve got about a day to plan. You can read a review of Qatar Qsuites here.

You have to click on +Add promo code, a small window will open in which you put UEFA

a screenshot of a flight schedule

If you have done everything correct, you will see in the next step that the promotion code has been applied.

a screenshot of a flight

Most of theses deals book into the R class, which means that you will have no lounge access. But there are some exceptions. If you’re struggling to find dates on the Qatar search engine, try Google Flights, which shows a wider calendar in one click.

a screenshot of a flight ticket

Travel Dates

You can Until 10 December 2021 (Last date of travel). Basically, these are for people ready to travel in 2021, but undoubtedly more deals for next year will be coming in the weeks that follow.

How to Book These Flight Deals

These deals can only be booked via the Qatar Airways website with the promotion code above. Before you book, be sure to check what each country is asking for, to allow entry. The IATA Travel Regulation Map is a great way to stay on top.

On many routes you can enjoy the Qsuites, all Qsuite routes can be found here.

Here are all the cheapest options that are available in business class, after applying the promo code UEFA. Prices are for roundtrips always.

Enjoy the trip!

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  1. It doesn’t matter how cheap it is if your vaccine card doesn’t have a QR code you won’t be able to do anything or go anywhere

  2. I am on QR email list and haven’t gotten any notice about this opportunity. This just goes to show how how worthless all this marketing really is and kind of boost a value of travel blogs. I booked quite extensive trip on QR for AA points and will just stick with it.

  3. Great fares on QR, but for me I’m still black listed from flying on QR or from entering Doha.
    There is a huge monopoly in the Kingdom of Qatar, QR owns everything, handling agent facility, duty free shops, right down to the airport and the law enforcement agencies that work within.
    Must admit they have a great product, crew even though a little robotic at times are great, well groomed and the discipline is exemplary.
    I’ve always found the ex European fares great value, especially because I am UK based, would I do it now with most of the Asian, African and Oceanic world closed off?….Tempting but it would be a no.
    QR ground ops is diabolical at best, trying to get a refund or a ticket change is hard, no ticketing offices in Europe, everything and I mean everything has to go through Doha, literally if you sneezed Doha would know about it.
    We have a saying here in the UK…”All frills and no knickers!!” this unfortunately is Qatar.

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