Very few people in the world like flight connections and that’s very bad news for Australia.  Anyone who would like to go to Australia, who’s not from Asia or Los Angeles, is almost certainly faced with a seemingly never ending journey including a connection in…. you guessed it, Asia or Los Angeles! In hopes of courting Brits back to the captivating land where they originally sent their murderers and rapists, Australia is vying for the world’s longest flight….

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The current longest flight in the world is owned by Qantas with service direct from Sydney to Dallas. Yes, I realize Dallas is not Los Angeles or Asia. Anyway, it’s a neat title to hold and come February there will be a new title holder with Emirates offering Dubai to Panama City, the new longest flight in the world clocking in at 7,463 miles with seventeen hours and thirty five minutes flying time. No one likes to lose a title fight and Brits love Australia so why not take back the title in style by adding a first of it’s kind direct flight from London to Perth and vice versa. Qantas has expressed imminent interest in using it’s soon to be delivered 787-9 “Dreamliners” to create the worlds new longest flight in 2017. The flight would clock in at a whopping 9009 miles, with an estimated 19 hours in the air and offer a mid day landing slot in London, allowing for onward European connections, with an Australia bound departure in the early afternoon. Only time will tell…

I’ll be taking the current 10th longest flight in the world from New York to Hong Kong direct this February and will be curious to ponder if I could possibly stomach a further two hours on the plane, which the new Qantas route would entail. Kudos to Qantas on connecting Western Europe with Australia. Everyone wants to go to the Land Of Oz….

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