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Qantas is testing the limits of long haul travel this year, with successful trial flights between both New York and Sydney, and London and Sydney. But next week, the airline will test a different limit, this time focusing on your excitement and patience.

To commemorate 100 years of service, and of course, pre Black Friday time, Qantas is offering 100 “Golden Tickets” at shockingly low prices, and also, some great fares to Perth, Melbourne or Sydney. How good? Between $100-£205 round trip! Yep, there’s both US and UK offers…

Sydney Opera HouseGolden Ticket Details

Do yourself a favour, and go grab your phone, or diary. You’re going to want to put an appointment in for 11:55AM GMT on Monday November 18th, or 2PM EST (USA travellers) November 19th-21st 2019.

Each day, Qantas will release 20 “Golden” tickets, which bring deals impossible to pass up. How low? We’re talking $100 round trip from the USA to Australia, and £195-£205 from the UK to Austrlalia.

To make sure you don’t get your hopes up, they’re in economy – but hey you never know what other surprises exist. Even if you don’t get in on one of the 20 daily “Golden” tickets, the airline will launch its lowest deals of the year for travel from the UK/US to Australia, which are hard to argue with.

a white rectangular frame with red and blue balloons in the middleWhere To Search Flights

You won’t find these deals anywhere other than, and with just 20 special tickets per day, you can expect that they’ll fly fast.

Obviously, the other deals are worth booking too, but the golden ticket prices are just jaw dropping.

Qantas offers direct flights between London and Perth, in addition to one stop flights via Singapore to either Sydney or Melbourne. From Los Angeles, it’s much the same.

As far as we know, the Golden tickets will be randomly placed onto each route between the hour of the drop and about 20 min s later, so get to your computer by 11:58AM, and get ready to tap search at noon sharp, for at least 20 minutes. You can hope that your first search, or a quick subsequent one turns up a price you’re sure can’t be real. If it does, book it…

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