I don’t like lounge access, I love it. For most flights I am more than happy flying economy. Most flights simply don’t justify the exorbitant added cost. The airport however, I despise. Lounges were designed to turn airports into oasis’s giving passengers a sense of tranquility, whether from a great alcohol induced buzz or simply a relaxed, uncrowded productive setting. 

a room with chairs and tables

I’ve compared the different ways to get into lounges and we are lucky, there are great options. The thing people are amazed by is the misconception that you need to be a millionaire traveling on a first class ticket to access them. Simply put, you don’t. Almost anyone can access a wide variety of the best lounges out there by purchasing one off access or buying a yearly lounge access program. One of the leading yearly lounge access programs is Priority Pass which both Laura and I have through our respective American Express Platinum and Citi Prestige cards. I chuckle every time we pack for a trip that I must remember to bring my priority pass card which otherwise sits dormant in my sock drawer. No more! Priority Pass have created a scannable mobile version of your membership card which you can access by downloading the Priority Pass app on your devices App Store. Once you’re logged you’ll sign into your account and have the option to create a passbook version of your card which is permanently on your phone and available offline. No more digging through wallets and bags to find that card! Nice!

a room with a couch and a tv

That’s all. Easy. If you have Priority Pass this is just a great enhancement (the real kind) to your membership. If you don’t have it and are curious about lounges on your next international trip, I highly suggest giving it or one of it’s competitors like LoungeBuddy a whirl. There’s not a whole lot not to love about sipping complimentary drinks in a lazy boy before your flight. 

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