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Did you ever think you’d be the person wearing all the layers on the plane, just like that scene with Joey in Friends, solely to lock in an amazing flight deal? If you love New York City, it just might be worth it. Virgin Atlantic still offers complimentary entertainment, booze, food and the usual stuff on board, but if you want to lock in £246 return flights, the one thing you don’t get is a checked bag.

If you can learn to pack properly, or do your best “could I be wearing any more clothes” impression, you won’t find a better deal from London to NYC…

a close-up of a planeThe Flight Deals

At £260 round trip, flights from London to NYC feel like a steal, but when you take that extra £15 off it makes all the difference. Why? Because you can say you paid less than 250 quid to visit Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and all the glory of New York.

These are the lowest prices we’ve ever seen offered directly from Virgin Atlantic, and there’s a high likelihood you’ll end up on one of their brand new Airbus A350 aircraft, which flies 4x daily to JFK and features their best seats in each cabin. Read up here. If you want a checked bag and seat assignment in advance, it’s just around £80 more all in…

a snow covered trees and a lake in a cityThe Dates You Can Travel

February and March can be a toss up in NYC in terms of weather, but in terms of great prices on hotels and flights, it doesn’t get much better. If you want in on these rock bottom deals, that’s when you’ll want to travel. But fear not, £260 flights are available in May, September and October as well, if you prefer to pay £15 more for added flexibility.

Incredibly, there’s no real minimum stay on these deals, which means you could do a short weekend trip, without burning any vacation days. Longer stays are just fine too! Your choice…

a seats in an airplaneHow To Book These NYC Flights

New York is the concrete jungle dreams are made of, and other than a few illegal things, there’s almost nothing you can’t do. Catch a Knicks game, Islanders game (boo, Rangers), Broadway Play or just take walks through Central Park. Booking these flights is super easy too.

a screenshot of a graph Here’s links to the lowest prices, which you can book with Virgin Atlantic, or via Skyscanner. Just use the flexible calendar on Virgin Atlantic to find the dates highlighted in Green, like the ones above.

Here’s a guide to the 10 best things to do in NYC, and a 48 hour guide with all the restaurant, cafe and activity recommendations you could ever need. Plus, with the money saved, you could take a $145 helicopter ride into the city, which takes 5 minutes versus.. well, more.


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