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If you weren’t already aware, one of the best ways to keep up with flight deals is using Google Flights free price tracking tools. Amidst a sea of spam emails, one that says “there’s been a price drop on your flight alerts” is a rare joy. Today, we got a bunch of price alerts saying that Qatar Airways has dropped prices to Asia, just enough to make them seriously tempting.

At £1200ish, they’re not the lowest fares the airline has ever offered, but with more Qsuite routes than ever, there’s hardly ever been a better time.

a seat with a television in the back of the seatThe Qatar Business Class Deals To Asia

There’s a few good deals kicking around, mostly from the usual places. If you want even lower prices, there are options from Sofia, Belgrade and Bucharest, but many of those don’t include the best Qatar seats on the segment between Europe and Doha. The best deals which are easy to reach from most gateways in western Europe include: Oslo, Helsinki and…you guessed it, Stockholm.

Here’s a breakdown of each deal…

a group of trees with lights at night£1215 Stockholm To Singapore

These deals went out of fashion – or rather – up in price – for a while but they’re back now. At £1215 round trip, you can lock in all A350 business class, with at least two of the four segments guaranteed to be Qatar Qsuite business class. Here’s a review of that ridiculously good experience.

Dates: September 2nd kicks off the lowest prices, which then last all the way through to June 2020. You’ll only find these low prices if you depart between Monday and Thursday, and stay at least two nights in Asia. This allows even long weekend trips, and given the all A350 jet lag help, you may not even be knackered.

Booking link: £1215 on SkyScanner || £1220 on QatarAirways.com

a boat on a beach with Railay Beach in the background£1211 Helsinki to Krabi, Thailand

There aren’t many ways to reach Krabi with just one stop, but thanks to Qatar’s ambitious plan to serve more destinations than any other airline, you can get from Helsinki to Krabi with just a quick stop in Doha. These flights typically offer an Airbus A330 and Boeing 787 combo, which means you won’t get Qsuite business on this route. Here’s a review of the Qatar 787 business class.

Dates: Late November to Mid December 2019, and then again from January 6th through March 2020. To get the lowest prices, you’ll need to stay the weekend in Asia, but that’s about it.

Booking link: £1211 on SkyScanner || £1220 on QatarAirways.com

a row of gold statues in a temple£1220 Oslo to Bangkok, Thailand

This exciting route to one of the foodie capitols of Asia brings a variety of aircraft choices. From 2020, almost all Oslo flights are served by the Airbus A350 and many are getting Qsuite business. From Doha onto Bangkok, there’s a mix of planes, from Boeing 787’s to Airbus A350, Boeing 777 and more. Aim for the Boeing 777 or Airbus A350 for the best chance of Qsuite.

Dates: September 2nd through December 17th, and then again in 2020 from January 7th through March 20th, and then again from April 20th through May 2020. These deals require a three day minimum stay and the prices are a few bucks cheaper if you leave between Monday and Thursday.

Booking link: £1214 on SkyScanner || £1220 on QatarAirways.com

a bed in a planeHow To Find If You’ll Have Qsuite Business Class

The creme de la creme with Qatar is the Qsuite, the revolutionary business class seat complete with privacy door. The seat map for the Qsuite is unlike any of the other Qatar business setups, and looks like the following. a screenshot of a testYou can use ExpertFlyer.com’s free seat map tool to plug in your flight details and see which seating layout you’ll have. If it looks like the above, you’re in Qsuites. If it doesn’t, you’re not. Keep in mind though, Qatar is constantly refurbishing planes and flights that aren’t currently scheduled to have the new seats may have them by the time you fly. The same logic can also unfortunately apply the other way around, but it’s increasingly rare.

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