Shopping. What a grind. Crowded stores, angry people, ripped shopping bags… wheres the spirit? I personally love shopping online and think that it has become better every year. I mean… I love hearing store clerks tell me how well every single item I try on fits and waiting behind coupon lady but who has the time…? Aside from avoiding those nail scratching moments, online shopping has great benefits: free returns, online only discounts and the ability to earn bonus points and miles on every purchase through airline “shopping portals”!

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Bonus Points & Miles on every purchase?! You bet! You can earn some serious miles just by shopping as you usually would by clicking to your retail site from an airline site. Once you know where you plan to shop it’s all about how you get there. Each airline and credit card company has a “shopping portal”.  A shopping portal is a list of stores where you can get bonus miles for shopping online, very similar to a referral program. By clicking through from the airline you are able to turn every dollar spent into at least one mile, often a much larger multiple. 

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A perfect example of this was with, one of Laura’s favorite retailers. Laura was about to make a fairly significant purchase directly from when she paused for a moment and thought hmmm… I should go to the Delta Skymiles Marketplace and see if there are any promotional mileage offers for clicking to Asos through the portal. Indeed! Skymiles was offering 10 miles per dollar and an additional 750 miles on all purchases over $175. It doesn’t take a genius to see that at 10 miles per dollar could really boost your mileage balance. Regardless of your budget this is huge! Miles for everyday purchases. If you are just a few miles short of a free flight this can put you over the edge and if you are a big spender just buying presents could land you a free flight! 

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So how do you get to the “Shopping Portals’? Its easy. Simply figure out which airline you would like to collect miles with for your purchase and follow one of the links below to arrive at that airlines portal. Once there, login to your frequent flier account so that you will receive your additional miles. Once you are logged in simply click over to your desired online retailer and they will take care of the rest! Bonus miles and seamless shopping. Enjoy! 

Shopping Portal Links:

British Airways:

American Airlines:

Delta Airlines:

United Airlines:

US Airways:

Virgin Atlantic:


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