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Last week, tourism groups and industry leaders in Thailand began a campaign imploring the Thai Government to eliminate quarantine and entry restrictions for all travelers who can provide proof of vaccination, regardless of origin.

Now, the efforts are becoming more localized, and Phuket, the lovely island that looks like a post card, is urging the government to grant a similar policy for all arrivals into the dreamy location, ASAP.

It’s yet another exciting development for those scheduled to receive the vaccine this year, particularly since it may present once in a lifetime travel opportunities, sans crowds.

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Phuket Looks To Welcome Vaccinated Travelers

Phuket’s tourism industry has been harder hit than most, and stakeholders are eager to change that – safely. Officials are presenting a campaign to the government seeking a quarantine exemption for anyone arriving with proof of vaccination and a negative covid-19 test to match.

This comes as further evidence emerges that vaccines are effective in stopping not only infection, but spread among the vaccinated.

Phuket wants approval set in stone by October at the very latest according to Bloomberg. This falls in line with official goals presented by Thailand to have 70% of all locals fully vaccinated by September, 2021, at which point health risks to the local population would be almost entirely mitigated with a level of ‘herd immunity’.

Current Entry Restrictions For Thailand

Currently, all arrivals into Thailand face 14 days of pre-paid hotel quarantine, which is fully enforced and monitored by the government. There are no current exemptions to the quarantine, but visitors who were previously able to enter visa free, are largely able to take part, including Americans and most Europeans.

If Thailand accepts proposals to drop all quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers, it wouldn’t be the first. The Seychelles, Iceland and Romania are among early adopters to the policy, and Hawaii is in talks to initiate a similar policy within months.

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Revenge Travel For The Vaccinated

After months of being forced to shelter beyond standard restrictions, the most at-risk travelers may soon have the run of the world. Destinations which typically feature up to 30 million travelers a year will be all but empty for months to come, unless you’ve had the jab.

Vaccinations have been prioritized for older-age travelers, and those facing greatest medical risk from infection, and those very people may soon be the only travelers in the world eligible to visit top destinations without 5-14 days of isolation to kick things off.

If there was ever a heart warming plot twist to this wretched pandemic, it may be this. Happy travels to everyone who’s received a vaccine. We’ll update this news story when, and if, Thailand officially drops quarantine for vaccinated travelers.

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  1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from an anti-vaxer and will be in the queue to be vaccinated as soon as my turn comes. But no vaccine gives you 100% immunity and indications are that you can still carry Coronavirus and be infectious after you have been vaccinated.

    1. Yes, but it’s not about there never being another case of covid-19. Like every other virus or bacteria, the goal is to bring death rates and worst case scenarios in line with all other daily risks. If people stop dying in large numbers, the virus becomes as irrelevant as the common cold.

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