This looks like a first class business class experience…

EVA Air has long been a customer favorite, especially in business class. The airline offers some of the biggest and comfiest seats, which recline into a fully flat bed, but the finer touches, such as limited edition amenity kits, vintage Champagne and bountiful entertainment have set the airline a touch above a majority of the competition. While the Boeing 777-300ER wide body jet has been the staple of the EVA Air long haul fleet, the airline is adding Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and 787-10 aircraft to the fleet, and bringing a reimagined business class experience. So far, it looks beautiful…

eva 787 business class eva 787 business classDates

EVA is expected to begin 787 Dreamliner flights as early as October 2nd, and initially the planes will be used for short and medium haul journeys within Asia. The airline will receive 787-9 orders first, with 787-10’s to follow.

eva 787 business class eva 787 business classSeats

For business class, the airline has customized a Thompson Vantage XL seat, one of the most beloved floor models of the business class game, which travelers can find on Qantas, SAS and now, select Delta flights as well.

eva 787 business class eva 787 business classBranding

The seats are understatedly gorgeous, dripping in the natural colors of the airlines legacy, with clever lighting and accent colors in storage areas, headrests and seat cushions. The new seat is an impressive lift from the comfortable but mundane appeal of the Boeing 777 business class and manages to weave a modern feel into a classic brand.

eva 787 business class eva 787 business classConnectivity

Most importantly, storage space seems to be ample. With eye level, floor level and seat level compartments it appears that there’s a place for everything, and small touches like mirrors in the headphone storage area will be a hit with many travelers. Power ports seem well places, and it will be interesting to see if any conducive charging is installed. It appears to be hinted at via images, but certainly not confirmed. Wifi will be installed on these 787’s. Oh and the TV’s, they look large – and gloriously sharp.


It’s great to see an airline launch a new seating which continues to bolster the aspirational nature of business class, especially on short and medium haul flights. EVA is the only airline serving first class champagne in business class, with offerings such as Veuve Cliquot La Grand Dame 2005, and even Krug 2004 from time to time. It’ll be exciting to see where EVA Air rosters these Boeing 787’s as orders pile in. For now, expect the earliest birds on routes between Taipei, Hong Kong and Japan…


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