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America is full of choice when it comes to picking great cities to visit, but Pennsylvania has a new ace up its sleeve. Like many cities, Philadelphia is experiencing incredible urban redevelopment, with new hotels, bars, galleries and restaurants popping up all the time, bringing new opportunity for everything from cocktail dens to event spaces.

And when it comes to events, it’s not as if the city was at all starved for choice. Pro sports teams often frequent the Ritz Carlton, there’s the Rittenhouse, the Logan, and plenty of swoon worthy places to make an impression on any audience, or client.

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In the highly competitive market that is hotel events and conferences, there’s nothing that raises a hotel, restaurant or event space quite like holding something presidential. Once a president’s team has been there, what else is there to compare to? The legacy is like catnip to future event holders.

Tough times due to Covid-19 brought new competition to the event space, with some hotels even waiving their ridiculously priced coffee for meetings, but no one saw Four Seasons Total Landscaping coming to take top spot in Philadelphia’s event space lists.

Perhaps, it’s because few other event spaces can also simultaneously send a team out to handle all of your lawn care needs, while you do your business.

The eclectic event space, located between a sex toy shop and a crematorium in a dodgy part of town was chosen against all odds, and even against the five star Four Seasons Hotel, and oft prefer Ritz Carlton Hotel to host the Trump campaign’s iconic press conference, with none other than New York’s former major, Rudolph Giuliani.

Any guests in attendance also have easy access to plan their cremation, should they ever choose to have one, at the Delaware Valley Cremation Center, which boasts a 4.9 rating on Google.

Grand lobbies are old fashioned, arenas are a bit much and theaters present their own challenges in 2020, but Four Seasons Total Landscaping highlights the modern, urban landscape which shows that Philadelphia isn’t just new developments, third wave hipster coffee shops and buzzy restuarants.

It’s got the rugged, industrious feel many businesses are trying to stay in touch with. Businesses holding events in 2020 cool and edgy and Four Seasons Total Landscaping has it in droves.

If, despite the space being deemed worthy for the press conference of a presidential campaign, you find yourself wondering if Four Seasons Total Landscaping is worth the trip, you’ll need to overcome another hurdle too. The Google Reviews, don’t yet reflect the successful recent event, and currently list just a 3.2 rating out of 5, with quite a few nasty comments.

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Thankfully, Philadelphia has always been one of America’s most inviting cities, and there are plenty of other options to host an event, if the decor and ambiance offered by Four Seasons Total Landscaping doesn’t meet your business needs.

Like, the actual Four Seasons, boating multiple meeting rooms, board rooms and flexible spaces across the entire fifth floor. You can also host parties on the panoramic 59th floor, with views over the entire city.

Whether you go Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, or Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the city of brotherly love is a city with so much to love, and should be on any map for your next getaway, whenever travel feels right to you, business or pleasure.

And if your trip is for business, with a sex toy shop just next door to Four Season Total Landscaping, this new ace in the hole for Philly’s conference scene makes the mixing of business and pleasure easier than ever. Just mind the crematorium next door.

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