an airplane flying over an island
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It’s not yet Black Friday, but I’m already excited about what this year’s travel deals have to offer, and I might have already found one to take my money… to four vacations for the price of one.

Of course, just like every year you’ll be able to track the full creme de la creme of good travel opportunities on this (very) soon to be updated Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal page, but it’ worth diving into one that’s super limited and very, very cool.

Air Tahiti Nui is a fun airline that flies pretty much only to fun places. This year they’re out with a crazy deal, which may be the most helpful way to tick off a few bucket list trips.

an airplane flying over an island

The Amazing Air Tahiti Nui 4 Trip Deal

As you may have guessed it, home for Air Tahiti Nui is…Tahiti, but the airline flies from both Seattle and Los Angeles in the US. The airline flies between Paris and LA, between Seattle, LA and Tahiti, and onward to Tokyo or New Zealand via Tahiti.

This year, they’re offering you the chance to take four separate trips for a grand total of $1525 round trip by purchasing a limited ‘Tiare Pass’.

If you can get yourself to the West Coast — I always love using miles to get there for “free” — you can lock in four incredibly unique trips for $1525 total in airfare. For that price you’d get round trip economy tickets from the US to…

  • Paris
  • Tahiti
  • Tokyo
  • New Zealand

This, simply, is amazing.

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That’s a price of $375 round trip, per trip, for long haul travel on a friendly airline with meals and all. Paris – LA is a direct flight. LA or Seattle to Tahiti is a direct flight, and the delights of New Zealand or Japan are just one stop via lovely Tahiti too.

The coolest thing of all might be that this is all done by voucher and you don’t need to lock in dates right away. You can plan each trip as availability comes around and just call to book.

The Challenge

There’s one major challenge and one minor challenge involved in this deal. Actually, maybe one more. The major challenge is that only 250 of these passes will be made available and they’ll only be available from 9AM-10PM PST on November 25th.

The second challenge is a relatively minor one, but it’s simply that Air Tahiti Nui won’t fly the Tokyo route from May 8th, 2024 to October 26th, 2024. If you plan to hit all four destinations, you’ll need to make your Tokyo plans before or after.

And finally — the last challenge is your vacation time. Paris is totally doable for a long weekend, but once you get to Tahiti, New Zealand or Tokyo you’re not going to want to leave. Make sure you get those PTO days in early, eh!

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The Fine Print And Stuff

Surprise and delightfully, there’s not a whole lot of awful red tape here. You call, you buy the pass and you sit back and relax until December 1st when your voucher codes appear. When they do, you’ll be able to call and start booking your trips, either all in one sitting, or one at a time over the course of the year. Basically…

  • Travel needs to finish by the end of 2024
  • No abusing Tahiti stopovers
  • You don’t need to book at once
  • You won’t earn miles

A key detail with this offer is that it’s for travel until the end of 2024 only. You can book right away once you get your vouchers. These passes only work for Air Tahiti Nui flights and can’t be used for codeshares or onward travel. For any of that, you’d have to book a separate flight.

You also can’t abuse the Tahiti stopover! Once you’ve spent 24 hours in one of these destinations, you’re considered to have used one of your four trips. So if you plan to hit New Zealand first, and thought you could take a cheeky four day stopover in Tahiti and not have it count towards your separate Tahiti trip, think again!

Finally, there’s no tier points or mileage accrual on these tickets. If you’re a booker, you’re doing it for the love of the travel and not for the love of the elite status with an airline or for the points. Once booked, you can move any of these tickets for $150 per change, which is really reasonable.

How To Book This Stunner

This special offering unlocks a year of unforgettable travel experiences to some of the world’s most iconic destinations – Paris, Tahiti, Tokyo, and New Zealand – all in one remarkable package for 250 fortunate pass holders. Here’s to 25 years of shared adventures and many more to come!

Air Tahiti Nui

This, by all accounts is a stunner. $375 round trip to some of the most sought after destinations with plenty of flexibility to book — wow! Air Tahiti Nui has announced that these deals can only be booked over the phone.

It doesn’t seem like the page is up (yet) but all information will be found here at this Air Tahiti Nui flash sale page, including hopefully the phone number! Good luck and for the record you’re competing against one person right here!

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  1. Back of the plane? Or front of the plane? Seriously, how is it possible this is mentioned NOWHERE in your post or on their webpage. Economy class long-haul? No fucking thank you

  2. This is amazing and I am so excited to try! One question I have that I haven’t been able to find an answer to is, is there a limit to how many vouchers I can buy? Is it one per caller, or could I buy two upfront for me and a fellow traveler? That’s all assuming I can get through what I assume will be a very busy phone line!

  3. Do you know if layovers are allowed? Or can I fly back elsewhere? Ex. Can I fly from LAX to Tahiti and then go to Australia and get my return flight there?

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