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Paris, France – not Paris, Kentucky…

Yes, there really is a Paris, Kentucky and no – despite the price that’s not where you’re going. 2019 is the year to score unimaginably low flight deals, and now is the perfect time to start. While you might expect that these prices would be for an airline you’ve never heard of, with zero frills, they’re actually for mainstream airlines with legitimately good experiences. If Paris is on your bucket list, why not tick it off from $295 round trip and up with these hot deals?

a city with a tall towerThe Paris Flight Deals

Paris = good. Food = good. Deals = good. Paris is as safe as it’s ever been, provided you don’t wish to join an angry mob of protestors and light tires on fire. The food and wine are everything you’d hope and the pastry is even better. Few cities do museums better and virtually none have as many iconic vantage points for the perfect photo. Quite a few major airlines have placed Paris on sale to fend off great fares from Norwegian and that’s brought prices from both coasts under $400 round trip.

You’ll get everything but a checked bag at these prices. Here’s how to weed things out of your carry on accordingly! You can jet off from New York, Boston, San Francisco, Miami and Denver, to name a few. If you have points or miles, it can be worth flying to one of these great cities to take advantage of the “cheap” deals. The very lowest prices are $295 from New York on American, Iberia or British Airways.

The Dates You Can Travel To Europe

These deals are for travel in spring and early summer 2019, which is an awesome time to visit Paris before all the crazy peak tourist season of the summer. Fewer tourist means better hotel prices, easier restaurant reservations and nicer selfies. February, March, April and May offer the best prices and on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday departures with a one week stay in Paris.

How To Book Your Paris Trip

Easy, yo! We’ve made easy to use Google Flights links which take you directly to the best prices to Paris from each city. Simply play with dates and find some low fares that work for you. Just remember to read to date tips above to ensure you find them easily. Here’s the best Paris deals from: New York, Boston, Miami, San Francisco and Denver. Enjoy Europe.

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