ORLANDO, FL, USA - MARCH 26, 2008: Many Disney cartoon characters marching parade to greeting visitors at Magic Kingdom park of Walt Disney world.
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With the opening of the fully immersive Star Wars Hotel, where you can actually live out all your childhood slash adult Jedi fantasies (within reason), there’s probably never been a better time to visit Orlando. Golf resorts are buzzing, Disney is Disney and for a change of pace – prices are actually super low. Plus, the whole nice weather thing is always a hit for the whole family.

Right now, both Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are locked in a price war, offering direct flights from London to Orlando for a mere £280 return. It just doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

a city skyline with a fountain and palm treesThe Orlando Flight Deals

Virgin and BA are like fire and ice, but whether you like it hot, or cold, you can get to Orlando on the cheap right now. Both airlines have put their direct services from London Gatwick on super sale, which is handy, because the Star Wars Hotel will cost you an absolute fortune.

If you had to pick, Virgin Atlantic is pretty tempting here, given that the airline flies a 747 with economy seats in the Upper Deck. If you’ve always longed to experience the special staircase to the Upper Deck of a 747, this is one of the only chances to do so while flying economy, and the plane won’t be around for long.

The Dates You Can Travel

The lowest priced deals are available from November 2019 thru March 2020, with black outs in mid December until January 1st. To get the best prices, you’ll want to stay at least three nights in Florida, not that it should be much of an issue! You can stay longer too, of course.

a man and woman in a kitchenHow To Book These Awesome Deals

Booking really couldn’t be easier. These deals are available directly with Virgin or British Airways for about £299 all in, but if you use Skyscanner you can drop the price about £19 per person to a lovely £280 round trip. By now, you’re probably over the talk, and are ready to get to the business end of things, so here are links to the best deals, like…

Enjoy Florida! And with all the money you saved on flights, perhaps you can consider the $12,000 crazy VIP package that Disney sells, to ensure your children will be spoiled rotten forever!

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