a blue and white sweater with a pattern

We’ve reached the exciting time of year where airlines begin to roll out exciting new offers and seats for the year ahead. With ridiculously cool seats, lounges and technology coming out daily, we scour the inbox for airline news. Today we received word that one European airline is rolling out something brand new to the industry: holiday sweaters. They even had a fashion show…

KLM is selling a “flying home for christmas” sweater for €29. Believe it or not, they’re selling like hot cakes. The sweater, in a traditionally cringe worthy holiday pattern depicts a beautiful blue airplane, with Windows 95 font writing proclaiming “Flying Home For Christmas”. If that doesn’t get you excited to brave the holiday travel season, we just don’t know what will…

a blue and white sweater with a patternEither as a joke, or just a bit of holiday fun – it’s not hard to imagine why these make a great stocking stuffer. In fact- we may even add it to our holiday gift guide for travelers. Our sincerest kudos goes out to KLM for making a little fun, of an otherwise very stressful travel time. If you, or someone you know is in desperate need of a chunky sweater, sure to lighten the mood at any office party, or airport, you can buy the sweaters at the KLM store. Just don’t pay with points, it’s a terrible value.

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