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Who doesn’t love Amsterdam?

Grab your favorite backpack and your best carry on bag – because Amsterdam is just $149 bucks away. The city of endless canals, “magical” experiences, Van Gogh and bike rides galore is more fun that anyone should be allowed to fit into a long weekend, yet with Norwegian’s direct flight and $149 fares, it’s totally doable. Europe, anyone?

a red and white airplaneThe Norwegian Deal

Norwegian is being really clever, offering “members only” deals, for people who sign up to their Norwegian Rewards loyalty program. Even if you’re not already a member, you can sign up for free instantly. By signing up, you can score an instant $30 savings on flights to Europe, taking the price from $179 to $149. A round trip flight from New York to Amsterdam would run just $354 all in. To search, visit Norwegian.com and enter promo code: 1821REWFLIGHT to pull up the instant savings. At $149 one way, using points the other way could help you bag a round trip for less than $250 all in. What’s not to love?

a bridge over a river with buildings and treesThe Dates

Amsterdam in the fall is lovely. These $149 fares are valid for travel in October for Wednesday or Sunday departures only. These will not last long, so if you want to score a $149 one way flight to Europe, book fast and ask questions later. Your boss will understand, we promise. *Promises mean nothing*.

a bridge over a river with boats and buildingsHow To Book

You’ve got everything you need. Head to Norwegian.com, enter 1821REWFLIGHT and search from New York JFK to Amsterdam. These deals can unlock amazing potential to use points and miles for a one way flight going the other way in a dreamy cabin, or hey for $350 round trip, there’s a lot to love miles or no miles. Like we said, these $149 deals won’t last long, so if you want to find out how to spend an amazing time in Amsterdam for yourself, book one! Enjoy the trip.

Are you jet setting to Amsterdam on the cheap?

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  1. Another click bait. How is it $149? Do you know anyone looking for a one way trip to Amsterdam ?

    1. Haha… How is it click bait if it does wxaxtly what it says on the tin? One way $149. And I explain why a $149 one way makes sense. You’re just too thick to find it.

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