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When it comes to Aurora Borealis, the proper term for Northern Lights, everyone thinks Iceland. Sure, Iceland is cool in every sense of the word and all, but it’s hardly the only place to see the dancing Northern Lights. In fact, for the best viewing experience, the less mainstream the better. Bergen, Norway is home to jaw dropping fjords, and far enough North to experience the very best Northern lights sightings. SkyTeam airlines Air France, KLM and Delta just launched a major sale, with round trip flights from the USA starting at just $316. It’s time to visit Norway!

a row of buildings next to a body of waterThe Bergen Flight Deals

We’re not talking about budget airlines here, we’re talking Air France, Delta and KLM. These flight deals will still get meals and drinks on board and earn miles too. Norway is an amazing place to visit not only for the natural beauty, but for the incredible local Nordic cuisine and a quickly emerging bar scene. A single picture from the fjords near Bergen are worth the trip alone, and if you’re lucky enough to catch a storm of charged particles in the evening, few Northern Lights sightings can compare. You can jet off from New York, Chicago, Miami, Seattle and Los Angeles, amongst others…

a plane flying in the skyThe Flight Deal Dates

Bergen’s best Northern Lights sightings are from November thru March, and the country is gorgeous in April and May as the harsh winter gives way to beautiful greenery. These flight deals are available in early December, and then again in 2019 from January through mid May. We’ve put together easy links, which take you directly to the best prices in each month.

a group of buildings with green lights in the skyHow To Book Your Norway Flights

These deals don’t include a checked bag, so wear your big coat to the airport and follow these proper carry on packing tips. These deals are so good, they don’t initially show up when you search! We’ve made links which take you directly to the best prices, so be sure to click through to the final page, even if it initially displays a higher price. Here are the best round trip flight deals, like: $316 New York to Bergen, $343 Seattle to Bergen$350 Chicago to Bergen, $380 Miami to Bergen$391 Boston to Bergen, $397 Los Angeles to Bergen, $441 Dallas to Bergen, and $444 San Francisco to Bergen.

Are you jetting off to Norway?

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  1. I live in Bergen. It is NOT northern lights viewing territory. We get them about 2 or 3 times a year strongly, but being on the west coast the weather is often cloudy or rainy in the winter. You would be much better off going to Tromsø in the north of Norway, I have seen the aurora each time I’ve been there.

    So come to Bergen for fjords and mountains yes, but not for the aurora!

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