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It’s Aurora Borealis, to you…

When people think Northern Lights, they instantly think Iceland, and that’s all good, except for the fact that light from peoplpe is the enemy of actually seeing the Northern Lights. Iceland is an extraordinary destination, but it’s so popular that other equally, if not more stunning destinations which *cough* may even offer better Northern Lights viewing are often overlooked. Today, you have the chance to explore two of the very best, all in one, with these incredible flight deals to Norway, via Iceland!

a row of buildings next to a body of waterThe Deals

Icelandair is winning fans daily, offering insanely good flight deals from the U.S. to Europe. While we’ve seen plenty of action to London and Paris, the latest round of deals offer $330 round trip flights to dreamy Bergen, Norway. Bergen is one of the best winter city destinations in the world, with great proximity to iconic fjords, skiing and more. And yes – it’s one of the very best places on earth to see the Northern Lights, if you happen to miss them in Iceland. These flight deals are particularly cool because they’re available from quite a few U.S. cities, and allow for a stopover in Iceland for up to three days en route, if you like! You can jet off from New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC and San Francisco. All these deals include complimentary seat assignment, carry on and drinks on board.

The Dates

These deals are available from September 2018 thru March 2019, with the very lowest price in September and October. Deal availability will vary slightly between each city. We’ve made easy to use Google Flights links below, which take you directly to the best prices. All you’ll need to do is change dates to find options where the low prices fit your schedule. That schedule happens to coincide perfectly with Northern Lights visibility in Norway!

How To Book

By now you want to book, obviously. You can book these deals as just a straight up round trip, or you can also add in a free stopover in Reykjavik, Iceland en route or on the return, if you’d like. Here are the best round trip flight deals from the U.S. to Bergen, like: $330 from New York, $341 from Chicago$370 from Washington DC$380 from Boston, $458 from Seattle$470 San Francisco and $499 from Los Angeles. If you want to build in a stopover in Iceland, take this example, swap in your preferred departure city and play around with dates. Buy a good camera and enjoy Bergen!

Are you headed to Norway?

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