a video game of a video game

Video games generally mean staying indoors and rarely leaving the house, but in 2023, their biggest fans will not only need to leave the house, but hop on a flight too. After Disney opened an immersive Star Wars Hotel and experience,

Universal Orlando has confirmed “Super Nintendo World” as the latest and greatest attraction to hit Orlando, Florida. For those who can’t wait, Super Nintendo World Japan is scheduled to open in mere months…

So the big question is, what can we expect from Super Nintendo World Orlando? The answer, or something near, is likely found with plans for Osaka, set to open just before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. For starters: “a life sized, living video game” as Thierry Coup told The Verge. Guests will supposedly be able to use wearable wristbands to track activity and collect “power up” points.

Expect Yoshi, Mario, Princess Peach, Koopa Troopas and all, and even a Mario themed restaurant. No bonus points for figuring out what they might serve…

a video game of a video gameThe big bread winner though, must surely be the real life Mario Kart. If the thought of zipping past Bowser while avoiding banana peels doesn’t make you want to go, it’s probably not for you. Nintendo has a promo video for the new parks complete with theme tune from Galantis, which helps paint a bit more context into what the park will look like.

To undersell it, it looks amazing.

Basically, imagine a 360° immersive world where everything around you is based on Nintendo, and interactions with the best games are at every turn. Universal has noted that points can be collected for activities within the park, just like a video game, although it’s unclear what they earn you.

While Orlando is confirmed to be the next park in the immediate pipeline, Nintendo World themed parks are also expected for Singapore and California in the years to come, which means gamers all over the world will have further reason to explore it – it being the world.

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