The travel industry is fascinating because for the most part it changes by the day. A new way to book, a new rule for your booking, even a new seat for your… you know. Today we’ve got a mixed bag of good news, non factors and a surprising shift for a top airline. Here are some interesting travel stories from the day…

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WOW Air Updates Carry On Policy (For The Better)…

Even if you haven’t flown WOW Air, you have to LOVE the airline. That’s because they’ve brought transatlantic fares between Europe, The US and Iceland to record lows, reaching as low as $199 round trip. The kicker has been their baggage policy, which charged for any carry on over 5KG, roughly 11 pounds. That essentially meant everyone would end up paying at least $39 more each way for a bag. The airline has UPDATED their policy, DOUBLING the weight allowance to 10KG, meaning travelers have a legitimate shot of not paying for any extras if they can travel light!

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New(ish) British Airways ClubWorld Business Seat Revealed…

Months back I wrote that British Airways had no intentions of creating a new business class seat for it’s fleet. That’s still true. For their yet to be delivered A350’s, the airline has however evolved the seat, solving the largest complaint regarding the experience which is having to step over someone else to get out of a window seat or middle seat. That’s far below the new standard of direct aisle access, four across seating. British Airways has done a revamp of ClubWorld and the seating pattern now resembles that of Japan Airlines, where the staggering allows direct aisle access for all, despite a somewhat dense configuration. You’ll see this seat roll out over the next three years, by which time it will likely be very inferior, something I don’t particularly care about given British Airways desire to offer extremely cheap fares regularly.

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Air New Zealand Scraps The Premium Economy Space Seat!

Though most airlines offer premium economy as a sick trick to get people to pay much more for very little, Air New Zealand was a true pioneer in creating a refined experience and a unique way to fly. The “space” seat is unlike anything we’ve ever seen on another airline and seemed to be something worth copying. Well, apparently with the addition of flat beds in economy, the seat is no longer a winner and Air New Zealand will be moving in favor of another product. I’m sad to see this one go, especially since it ranks as one of our favorite premium seats….

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