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Quickly run to the store and return all those disposable Christmas presents for your least favorite family members and snag a ticket to one of the greatest places on earth, with the one you love most. Qatar Airways have tapped into the Christmas spirit, offering the best deals of the year to two of their most sought after destinations Adelaide, Australia and Cape Town, South Africa at just £1370 for business class, with some of the best new planes and seats…

a seat in a plane

The Deal

Qatar is running an incredible deal out of Oslo and select German cities to Adelaide and Cape Town and It’s absolutely worth using miles or a £5 Ryanair flight to get there. You’ll get Qatar’s Dreamliner’s with their top of the range business class flat beds the whole way to Cape Town and both the brand new Airbus A350 and Dreamliner to Adelaide! To lock in either, youll fund a price, which when appearing in Norwegian Kroner will show up at roughly 17,000 NOK to 20,000 NOK. For reference, 20,000 NOK is £1500. Stunning new planes, near economy prices. 

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The Dates 

Cape Town has the most availability with a wide range of dates from March, April, May, June and July. For Adelaide, you’re more restricted to April, May, June. If you have other dates to try, go for it. You’re looking for a price in Norwegian Kroner around 17,000-20,000 and you’ll find the most availability at this rate during May and June, but for just a hundred or so more, you’ll find availability in March and April, which in the Southern Hemisphere are warmer. Take a look

a seat in a plane


You can book this directly on Qatar Airways website. Booking direct is almost always the best method as it allows for easier changes, the option to upgrade with miles and other benefits. Simply click over, check some dates, scroll around till you see what you want and book. You won’t find prices lower than this throughout the year. It’s as good as I’ve seen. Economy tickets to either of these destinations regularly fetch £1000. Book HERE.

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