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Like it or not, flying in a pressurized metal tube is one of the most dehydrating things a human can endure. It’s not far off diving into the ocean, taking a big gulp of salt water and laying in the hot, unprotected sun. And though it’s far less severe, there’s just nothing enjoyable about lining up, pulling out your electronics and waiting through inevitably long airport security checkpoints. Wouldn’t it be nice, if in an era where we can send cars to space, we can also simply cut down on airport security lines? A new breakthrough using an “old” technology just may bring the changes we need, for good…

a plane flying in the skyComputed Tomography

The TSA has partnered with American Airlines to trial a “new”, old technology, based on the concept of the CT scan, found in hospitals around the world. The concept: shoot 3D images of ever passenger item, the same way a CT scan swirls around the body to offer detailed imaging. By sampling each passenger item in 360°, security forces are able to better assess any potential threats, or hidden layers. In two instant benefits to this new systems, liquids could once again pass through security, and electronics may once again remain in any carry on bags.

a pair of x-ray images of objectsRoll Out Plans

Initial tests will be conducted at New York JFK’s Terminal 8, Boston Logan International  Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, effective immediately. The scanners will be exclusively available in terminals where American Airlines operates, and thus far, 15 scanners are to be installed by the end of 2018. Pending successful trial runs, the TSA is said to have authorization for expansion of up to 240 machines for 2019.

a group of people in a terminalExciting Developments

As a well informed passenger, you undoubtedly know that if you’d like to avoid purchasing water at the airport, you can simply bring an empty bottle and fill it up on the other side. With that said, there’s undeniable excitement behind once again bringing water and other liquids through airport security. The removal of carry on baggage items such as laptops, iPads and cameras is the single greatest contributor to airport wait times, and returning to a time when electronics may remain in luggage will vastly speed up airport waits. It’s all good news, and for travelers, it just can’t come soon enough…

Are you intrigued by these new TSA measures?

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  1. I had the pleasure of using one of these new machines at Phoenix Airport about two weeks ago – and it was GREAT!! I didn’t have to take anything out of my bags – it was the fastest I’ve got through security screening since before 1990. Let’s hope the trail goes very well – and these machines are rolled out across the world! #GameChanger

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