It’s not about yoga mats…

At the very least – jet lag is a misunderstood beast. There are endless “expert” opinions, magic cures and potions which claim to make everything all better. But is jet lag really even that bad? Here are five pop culture myths about jet lag.

a city with lights and a mountain in the background#1 It’s Always Bad

Jet lag isn’t inherently bad. And in fact, some of the best travel experiences can come from jet lag. An early morning sunrise run, a late night excursion through a city of blinding light. Jet lag can be challenging – but it can also be one of the greatest ways to explore. If you face it, embrace it.

#2 Magic Water Cure

If you’ve ever passed time during a flight by scanning the duty free catalog, you would’ve undoubtedly seen iodine drops, which magically turn your glass of water into a cure for jet lag. While there’s no harm in pursuing anything that could alleviate jet lag – this won’t cut it.

30 Rockefeller Plaza skyline at sunset#3 Night Time Flights Help

Your choice – airplane seat or bed? Unless you’re in one of the ultra luxe first class suites overnight, it’s actually easier to beat jet lag by flying during the day. Rather than fighting a losing battle, attempting to stay up, you can simply fall asleep (tired) when you land.

#4 It’s Unavoidable

While some form of “jet lag” may always exist, there are steps you can take in the days before a flight to mitigate it. Try to slowly shift sleep and eating schedules towards local time, avoid too much alcohol, exercise immediately upon landing and things just might not be so bad.

a glass of champagne on a table#5 Heavy Drinking Helps

Travel is exciting, and a toast to the jet set is never a bad thing – but water is your friend, and sadly liquor is not. Jet lag is not caused by a lack of sleep, but rather a desynchronization of your body clock and the clock wherever you are. Adding dehydration to the fatigue rarely is the answer, though trying may feel good – while it lasts.

#6 Dirt Is An Instant Cure

A “wellness” guru has been toting a claim, supported by Gwyneth Paltrow that “grounding” is the key to curing jet lag. All you need to do is find a patch of dirt, take your shoes off and stand for 10 minutes and you’ll be fine. If you believe this, you’ll also love the $49 yoga mat they are selling in lieu of dirt…

What’s your best jet lag tip?

Featured image courtesy of Emirates.

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  1. Most of my long haul flights tend to be East Coast to UK. My best advice is to power through the day and not go to sleep as soon as you land.

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