There’s an app for that. But seriously, just about every frustration you’ve ever had during your travels can be solved with one of these amazing apps. From booking, to killing time in the terminal, snapping a selfie to clear immigration, a transit guide to get from anywhere from anywhere and so much more, these apps make the journey, the arrival, the destination and everything in between perfect…

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GateGuru- Security Wait Estimator, Gate Change And Delay Notifier, Airport Guide…

For those who want to master air travel with ease, this is your one stop app. When in transit, you’ll get up to the minute notifications about security wait times, flight delays, gate changes, amenities and more. Aside from keeping you in the know, the app will give you a simple, easy guide to all the shops and restaurants in your terminal with reviews too.

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ROME2Rio- Point To Point Guide To Get Anywhere, With Prices…

Whether you’re in Rome, Rio or any other wanderlust city around the world, this brilliant app will get you navigating like a pro and probably save you some money at the same time. This free resource allows you to type in any starting point and destination, showing you exactly how to get from Point A to Point B as quickly and economically as possible. Train, plane, bus, bike, it’s all there…

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LOLA- Futuristic One Message Travel Agent

Lola is the future of travel booking, where you send simple messages like “I need a flight to London and a hotel” in a Facebook Messenger style conversation to a super travel agent. The app uses a combination of artificial intelligence based on your travel profile and a helpful real live person to book your travel perfectly ever time, keeping in mind your individual tastes. It’s simple, fast and easy and most importantly, done in one tap…

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Hipmunk-  Easy Trip Inspiration, Planning And Deals…

If you need travel inspiration and perhaps a great deal to make it happen, Hipmunk is your go to. The app offers easy recommendations like “beach”, “city break”, “ski” or “live music” before finding you the best possible deals for your selection all around the world. They even throw in a link to book everything at the best prices. You can be as flexible as “anytime this year” or super precise. They’ll even alert you if prices on your bucket list trip drop, for free…

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TripIt-  Super Trip Organizer With Up To The Minute Notifications

Most trips involve booking quite a few separate pieces and no one wants to be the one holding up the line looking through emails to find a confirmation number. Fortunately, TripIt organizes all your itineraries and confirmations in one place, in a beautiful dashboard just by forwarding them to an email address. Not only will everything be there, you’ll get notifications about where your gate is and directions to things like the rental car area. Pretty nifty.

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LoungeBuddy – Instant Access To Airport VIP Lounges For Everyone

Raise your hand if you love long layovers and delays? Thought so. Using this exciting app you can turn delay chaos into a relaxing visit to a swanky airport lounge instantly, even when flying economy. Trade in the crowded terminal for some complimentary drinks, food, wifi, comfy seating areas and in some instances, even a shower. It’s pretty awesome.

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Mobile Passport- Breeze Through Immigration With A Selfie

For the selfie obsessed and those who just can’t bear another paper form, or another hour waiting to get another passport stamp, this is a dream come true. Without having to pay for a trusted traveler program like Global Entry, users can process their United States Immigration from their phone, using a selfie snap and a few taps on the electronic customs form. Easy, and yes, very fast.

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SeatGuru- Color Coded Guide To Getting The Best Seat In Any Cabin

Not every seat is created equal and that’s especially true when flying economy. If you’d like to grab a few extra inches of legroom or at the very least, a seat further from the busy lavatory, you’re going to want to check SeatGuru. The app shows you a map of every airplane with a traffic light color coded guide to the best and worst seats. Sometimes you don’t even need to pay extra to grab one of the best seats, thanks to this insider info.

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AirHelp- Flight Tracker That Gets You Money If Your Flight Is Delayed Or Cancelled…

AirHelp is a really easy way to find out if any flight you’ve taken in the last three years is eligible for compensation. Governments around the world have cracked down on brutal flight delays, requiring up to $600 per person for a delay. If a flight you’ve taken is eligible (which you can sync your inbox to find out) they process the whole thing, dealing with the airline and getting you your refund, minus their 25% cut for all the legwork..

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Google Translate- Speak To Anyone In Any Language With Instant Voice Translation

Konichiwa, Bonjour. Never fear getting lost in translation again wherever you are, thanks to Google Translate. The app which has been helping travelers interact in just about every language for years, just by speaking into your phone and instantly having it translated to a foreign language  is now “offline” allowing you to use it even without phone service or roaming charges. Muy bien!

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Award Wallet- All Your Points And Miles Balances And Info In One Place

We all keep hearing about frequent flyer miles and how they’re going to unlock amazing free travel, but we can’t seem to even unlock our frequent flyer accounts, let alone remember which ones we have. Never again! Award Wallet organizes all of your loyalty programs and account balances in one place. The premium version even keeps track of all your logins and expiration dates to ensure you never miss a mile…

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