There are a few industries where profits and people don’t always seem to align well. I certainly worry when McDonalds offers record profit and I take the same line of thinking when it comes to airlines. I care about the passenger experience and unless an airline has discovered solar powered planes and robots to fly them, there are only so many ways you can make more money quarter over quarter. Needless to say, the list of most profitable airlines in quarter three is very amusing…

a plane taking off from a runway

No. 1 Ryanair 42% Profit. 

a plane flying in the sky

No. 2 WizzAir 35% Profit.

a plane flying in the sky

No. 3 Icelandair 30% Profit.

an airplane flying over trees

No. 4 Alaska Airlines 29% Profit.

a plane taking off from a runway

No. 5 Pegasus Airlines 28% Profit.

a yellow airplane flying in the sky

No. 6 Spirit Airlines 27% Profit.

a plane flying over water

No. 7 Spring Airlines 27% Profit

a plane taking off from a runway

No. 8 Hainan Airlines 26% Profit

a plane flying over a building

No. 9 Allegiant 26% Profit

a red airplane flying in the sky

No. 10 Juneyao 26% Profit

a yellow sign with black text

What do a five star airline, a top mileage program and eight airlines who get people from one place to another as cheaply and efficiently as possible have in common? Well, you get the point. I found it absolutely fascinating that Hainan Airlines, which is a SkyTrax five star award winner, offering a substantial business class and modern planes is a top ten most profitable airline this quarter. Wondering where all of your usual airlines are? Most of the large carriers boast between a 16%-22% profit which lands them steadily in the ten through thirty positions. I now know that my ideas for starting an airline are almost doomed from the start. Budget it is! 

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