a plate of toast and a jar of jam

Above rock and roll, James Bond and the Queen, if Brits are known for one thing, it’s tradition.

Ceremonies such as afternoon tea, strawberries and cream or a Pimms Cup on a hot summer day are ingrained in the culture and in some cases, a part of every day life. For many, marmite on toast and a good cup of tea – is life. Naturally, when Brits travel abroad, it’s nice to bring a little slice of home along with them. There’s just one problem with that.

In the modern security theatre, the whole “100ml” thing makes bringing treats along difficult, catching out many unsuspecting travellers as they pass through the scanners. Since the introduction of 100ml liquid limits, a few items in particular have been getting caught up.

Amusingly, they’re exactly what you’d expect.

a plate of toast and a jar of jamAccording to London City Airport, the most seized branded goods at the airport are Harrods Jam and Marmite. Score zero points for originality or surprise there, UK public. Basically, Brits have confirmed their proud snobriety when it comes to things that are spread on toast, crumpets or muffins.

According to British Airways, this increasing phenomenon, which apparently exceeds over 2,000 Marmite jars a year at London City alone was the inspiration for the new limited edition 70ml marmite jars which are small enough to pass through airport security. Let that be a good reminder: under 100ml, you can bring liquid, over you cannot.

a road with flags on itOn April 30th, the airline actually partnered with London City Airport to offer an amnesty program, where anyone caught with an oversized Marmite jar could exchange it for a 70ml version suitable to make the trip. Take my luggage, not my toast spread.

Above all else, you’ve just gotta love the passion for breakfast spreads here and the absolute refusal to put up with anything found abroad. Marmite is one of the most mercurial things elsewhere in the world, yet it’s absolutely treasured in the UK. And Harrods Jam… you just don’t get more British.

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  1. And you are forgetting Marmalade – particularly of the home made variety – as shop bought is not good and foreign marmalade is truly disgusting.

    However, Harrods jam is unlikely to be Brits as the shop is now entirely for tourists and Brits simply don’t go there.

  2. Hold baggage and get 250g jar for a fraction of what BA charge (mark up is over 150% vs Waitrose) and since toasted baked products are no longer available even in first class no one loses.

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