a bed on a ledge overlooking a city
Santorini Sky

I’ve seen a lot of cities, seen a lot of countryside, and been to a fair few stunning villas, hotels and luxury retreats overlooking the ocean. Even if you have too, the Lodge, one of the newest Airbnb’s in Santorini, may take the cake for “wow” factor.

You see, with most of the places offering these breathtaking views, you’re sharing that view with others. It might just be other hotel guests, but it doesn’t feel like its all yours for the taking.

Here at The Lodge, with utter seclusion, yet all the amenities in the world, it’s hard to picture a more private, or more beautiful Airbnb anywhere, even in Santorini. It’s a big claim, but after a recent stay, I’m not sure a better alternative exists, marrying all the elements.

And incredibly, you can see the sunrise and sunset here 365 days a year. No, not one or the other — both.

a bed on a ledge overlooking a city

The Lodge, Santorini: Let The Photos Talk

Articles love to blab, because blab creates ad boxes, but sometimes photos are far more effective. Set across the island from the hustle and bustle of Oia, with dizzying views in literally every direction, including toward the magnificent Caldera, this is not for everyone.

Seclusion comes with a small price: a picturesque hike to reach the one of a kind villa. Like the romantic scenes of old Santorini, the Lodge sits at the end of a beautiful path, far removed from the mountain road.

At The Lodge, by Santorini Sky,you’re on the top of a mountain — looking directly up to Santorini’s highest point, Prophet Elias Mountain in one direction, with the Caldera in another, and the sea in another.

a living room with a couch and coffee table

But unlike many places straddling the top of a mountain, this one features a heated plunge pool, high speed wifi, a stargazing rooftop bed, utterly chic finishes and people who will walk that very path to deliver delicious food to your door, from the very best local tavernas.

a bed with pillows and a vase of flowers on a balcony overlooking a body of water

Is It All A Dream?

Speaking to other recent guests, first impressions were uncertain when arriving at night. The walk, even with a luggage porter carrying bags, can be a bit much after a long flight.

But once you hit the COCO-MAT luxury bedding, and get a view through the clouds, which FYI may be below you, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

In the morning, more than one guest GSTP spoke to, who’d also booked, noted that they thought they might have actually died and gone to heaven. My thoughts exactly, although this may be better. I have no idea what heaven looks like, and this is simply extraordinary.

a pool overlooking a body of water

The thing you just can’t get over when you’re here, actually the two things, are the unparalleled views, and the privacy. There is no one in eye view. The nearest place is about 1000m down the side of a mountain. A young donkey which lives far down the path is your only real neighbor. Like I said, it’s not for everyone.

a woman standing in a room

If you’re looking for clubby, Cavo Tagoo type vibes with sparklers and Dom bottles, this is not the place. A jaw dropping, secluded, sexy and refined place to rest your head, it absolutely is though.

Write a book, daydream, work remotely from the sky — whatever you want — it’s pretty much attainable here. And it just doesn’t get prettier. Despite the seclusion, the utterly charming town of Pirgos is just a 2 minute drive from the end of the path, or brief walk.

a sink in a room with a window and a view of the mountains

This is the side of the island where food prices don’t make your eyes water, but the big punchy flavors off dishes from Kantouni, Metaxi Mas and other favorites may tingle the tastebuds.

Getting “The Lodge” Booking

Like any place in Santorini which could appear alongside the words “best, most private or stunning” lists, availability isn’t always easy to come by.

a pool on a hill overlooking a city
Avoiding peak summer can also mean beautiful green, yellow and red hillsides covered in flowers!

The Lodge is already sold out for stays through May, but availability can still be found for select dates from summer into autumn. Some dates for 2023 are already booked, so if this looks like your kind of heaven, or the perfect place to propose, you may want to lock it in sooner than later. It’s stunning.

The Lodge can be booked via Santorini Sky (direct), or via Airbnb. Rates vary between €500 to €1000 per night.

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