What a difference a day makes. I absolutely love that phrase and find it to be so true. What a difference a click makes. From spending a fortune and earning no miles to spending a fortune and earning thousands upon thousands of miles, a single click can make all the difference. If you’ve been doing your online shopping without first clicking through your favorite airline website, you’ve been seriously, seriously missing out. 

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How It Works

Affiliate links are everything. Airlines profit from driving traffic to top retailers, but you get something in return and still find the exact same deals, as if you went to the site directly. Airlines have “shopping portals”, which show you how many miles per dollar spent you will receive if you visit a store like Nike, Apple, Saks, Harrods, H&M, whatever by clicking from their site. It’s very simple, visit the site directly no miles, visit the same site by clicking from the airline shopping portal, many miles. Same prices, same deals, you just earn miles. 

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Ok, Let’s Do It

So, first, you’ll need your frequent flyer login info. For any of these mileage bonuses to work, you’ll need to be logged in to your account online, that’s how they know who to give the miles to! So, pick the airline you want to earn miles with, get your login info handy and click to the airlines individual shopping portal via these links: British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Delta, United, Southwest, Virgin America, Jet Blue, AlaskaAeroplan, Air New Zealand. Ok, that’s about all I could find. By clicking to the retailer of your choice through the link, you’ll earn the stated bonus amount of miles! For example, British Airways was offering 16 miles per dollar spent at Selfridges, so if you had to say… buy a Macbook, you’d earn enough miles for two free round trip flights! 

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The Catch?

None! I swear! It’s probably the simplest and most overlooked way to earn miles, which you can actually use all year round. Whether or not you have a credit card that earns points or miles, you’ll get a minimum of one frequent flyer mile with the program of your choice, just for doing your shopping. Big spender or not the miles will add up. 

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