Chances are you’ve seen that famous, near iconic scene in “Love Actually” where the protagonist explains that you can understand the concept of “love” just by watching the arrivals hall at Heathrow airport around the holidays. It’s magical to see people surprised, brought together, getting away; it’s a magical time. This Christmas I’d like to thank those who make that possible…

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Dear Airport Staff, Check in Desks, Baggage Handlers, Cabin Crew, Flight Crew & Anyone Else,

Thank you. Working on Christmas is a selfless act. Perhaps one of your co workers was able to be with their family, maybe someone else took that much needed break, whatever the happy result, it’s all because of your work. A little joy for the world. I know you’d much rather be home with a nice, cold glass of something bubbly, or a nice comforting cup of something warm, but instead, you are stuck with me and the countless other millions, griping about seating assignments, inquiring about upgrades, crying because of missed connections, and all the other things you generally can’t help. 

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Please know that you are thought of and appreciated today. Think of how sad the holidays would be if no one could travel on Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah and all the other joy bringing occasions of the world. Your effort arguably leads to more happiness than any other job in the world this time of year, but it certainly doesn’t often feel like it. For that I’m sorry. We all get stressed, anxious and excited over this time of year and many can’t help but feel overcome. I know you’d have blue sky and perfect weather everywhere if you could! 

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Now for those of you who read this site and managed to end up on this paragraph: if you’re traveling in the next week between Christmas and New Year, consider bringing a small token of thanks with you to the airport. Chocolates, a card, something bubbly, just something to say “hey, thanks for giving up your happy holiday so that I can make mine”. It’s what keeps the world going round….

Merry Christmas To All,

Gilbert Ott + Laura Burns

Gilbert Ott

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  1. Thank you for your support I had/ to work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year Eve and New Year’s Day.
    Thank you, Your ticket/ gate agent.

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