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One of the best cities we’ve ever been too. Seriously.

With top notch weather most of the year, Melbourne is a city that is easy to fall in love with. But this city is so much more than good weather and nice scenery. Yet somehow, its; overshadowed on many South Pacific adventures. Melbourne separates itself by effortlessly offering refinement, culture and cuisine at inimitable pace. However long your trip, you’ll feel like you ran out of time, with too many good restaurants, coffee shops, bars and little gems to discover than time could possibly allow. Next time you’re in that part of the world, be sure to make Melbourne a stop on the list.

a coffee machine and coffee beansCoffee Shops

It’s hard to find a bad one. Melbourne takes the art of coffee making very seriously, with the best machines, knowledge and TLC going into each cup. You’ll want to try each place you pass – and well- they are everywhere. In your pursuit, be sure to check out: Dukes Coffee Roasters, Top Paddock Cafe, Patricia or Proud Mary – but really you can’t go too wrong. As a bonus, there are plenty of delicious pastries and cakes served as well.

Street Art

You may have heard of Hosier Lane, the uber cool street art destination in Melbourne. But honestly, incredible street art and installations are everywhere! Melbourne isn’t just about main streets, it’s the side streets and off shoot lanes which house many of the cities coolest and most eye catching establishments. Basically, you can’t make a wrong turn. It’s like walking around a hip art gallery.


Just like the coffee shops, good food is all over the city. You are literally spoiled for choice with a smorgasbord of international cuisines which have emigrated to Australia. From the streets of St. Kilda, Carlton, Fitzroy and South Yarra all the way into the city, you’ll find delectable Thai, Chinese and inventive fusion. A terrible restaurant just would not survive in Melbourne, so eat anywhere with confidence. The only hard part is choosing where to eat!

a street with colorful graffiti on the wallsMarkets and Shops

Nearly every city we visit nowadays has the same high street shops – you could be anywhere in the world. Sure, Melbourne has these too, but it also has an endless number of unique boutiques and markets that cannot be found elsewhere. Whether it’s fresh produce, clothing, art or things for the home, it will be hard to leave empty handed. If you’re a big shopper add in an extra day to your itinerary! Check out Queen Victoria Market or The Rose St Artists’ Market to find all things weird and wonderful. And if you like posh boutiques, St. Kilda is as good as it gets. 


Whether you’re a spectator or an active lifestyle traveler, Melbourne has it all. Time your visit to scope out a cricket or rugby match, Australian Open tennis, Grand Prix or regatta. If a little fresh air and exercise is your thing, there are gorgeous parks for a morning run or cycle all throughout the city. Watch the brilliant rowing clubs along the Yarra River for some inspiration.


There are five wine regions close to Melbourne, with the most famous being the Yarra Valley. This is fantastic news, because not only can you try and buy some excellent local wines, you can do tours of the wineries making for a fun and beautiful day out. The Yarra excels with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz – so something for everyone!  It’s a win win.

Have you been to Melbourne?

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  1. I agree . Roaming around whether alone or with company is really a breeze . As a tourist I feel safe. People are very accomodating and very courteous .

  2. As a melbournian reading your (excellent) blog I would have to agree 😉
    In all seriousness it probably is a little underrated by foreign tourists, perhaps because it doesn’t have the famous landmarks of other cities. However if you’re interests are in culture, art, food, fashion etc you should have a good time here. People here is just obsessed with coffee, and food (sometimes overly so -45 minute lines outside cafes for breakfast etc.)
    All excellent suggestions – I would also recommend Mornington Peninsula for some of Australia’s best golf courses, and wine and beaches to boot. Also Gertrude St and the suburbs of Fitzroy and Northcote, amongst others you mention.

    Cheers !

  3. We can’t wait to go there. Desperate to combine the cricket with the tennis on a major Jan trip…hear great things from native friends of ours…

  4. I live in Melbourne so declare my bias, but…………. “The Economist Magazine” in London surveys “liveability” and has found that Melbourne is the worlds best….and has been 7 years running.

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