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It’s safe to say that safety and cleanliness will be big-buzzing trends as the world moves back into travel.

People want to feel like they’re in an untouched bubble of health, wherever they are in the world, and Marriott has a new tool which looks like a freaking raygun to make that happen, among other things. If you see someone walking down the halls of your Marriott in protective gear, carrying something from a sci-fi movie, it’s not ghostbusters.

a man wearing a mask and gloves holding a gunWho you gunna call? Hopefully just room service. Marriott is bringing “electrostatic sprayers with hospital-grade disinfectant” to properties around the globe, and health benefits aside, they look absolutely epic.

The tools are part of Marriott’s Council for Cleanliness, drawing together teams of experts to develop best in class cleaning practices for the brand going forward. Marriott CEO Arne Sorenon stated…

“We are grateful for the trust our guests have shown us through the years. We want our guests to understand what we are doing today and planning for in the near future in the areas of cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing so that when they walk through the doors of one of our hotels, they know our commitment to their health and safety is our priority. It’s equally important to us that our associates know the changes we are making to help safeguard their health as they serve our guests.”

Aside from the electrostatic sprayers, which are capable of quickly disinefecting all areas of the hotel and are recommended by the CDC and WHO, Marriott is going even further, with UV light cleaning of everything from keys to folios to pay your hotel bill.

Basically, anything that someone else touches, which you may also touch, is being worked on. For other measures, Marriott is stepping up regulatory health sweeps, including the use of hospital grade disinfectants. What will be interesting, is how properties maintain the vibe, or feeling guests seek, while also getting across these key points.

Marriott’s press release notes signage in lobbies to remind guests of social distancing, but there is no easy way to maintain that, when the 3PM check in window opens. Furthermore, colleagues and friends will always socialize somewhere in the hotel, and there’s only so much which can be done to distance them.

And if far fewer people are packed into hotel bars, what will happen to pricing and or offerings?

People are worried about all things health and cleanliness right now, and it’s fantastic to see Marriott take such an aggressive stance in quelling those fears, even if the raygun-slash-cleaning thing looks slightly terrifying. Greater cleanliness in hotels has always been the dream, and these wild times we’re living in have pushed that along at a rapid pace.

As for social distancing and other introductions, I’m a bit more dubious. People will be people, even after this.

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  1. So I have of course I want cleaner airplanes and hotel rooms, but I have a question about exactly what they are spraying. The term “hospital-grade disenfectants” is not specific. These sprays will linger in the plane and hotel room because there are no windows that open to air it out after spraying. I think it is important to understand what the spray is and how long it remains in the immediate environment. Whether it be inhaled into the respiratory system or can cause problems on the skin surface. This is important for the customers as well as the workers, as you could start seeing all sorts of claims by workers who are constantly exposed to spraying this chemical.

  2. What about the housekeepers which i am one for this company,I swear every month its something new for us do know how mind blowing this to some of us..Next thing that comes up robots will do are jobs…

  3. First I got Bonvoyed…and now I’m exposed to an unknown amount of airborne chemicals being marketed as a “solution”. I would rather take my chance of catching a virus, than breathing, eating, and sleeping in a chemical soup. Bonvoy already had me ready to switch brands…this pretty much solidifies it. Of course the corporate response will be…”These chemicals are approved by the CDC”….listen – people are smart enough to know that just means the chemical companies have paid enough money for the approval. There are real, chemical-free, solutions for killing viruses that are currently used in Healthcare buildings…Its sad that Marriott is choosing the route that puts their loyal customers at risk for long term health affects, and trying to market it as a good thing. These chemicals are most likely carcinogens.
    Marriott – I am disappointed again…which seems to be the new trend. Unfortunately your impressive list of properties won’t be enough to keep me as a customer.

  4. As a former Marriott manager, I know all too well that while Marriott is far from perfect, Corporate will do whatever it takes to provide a safe and healthy environment for all and keep up with the times…

    While the situation is still fluid and things may change, before you start to criticize Marriott, they are not the only ones Using electrostatic sprayers and EPA approved chemicals or as they state – hospital grade disinfectants – which term is worse to use?

    .Everywhere we go, many vendors attending to the public are spraying and will continue so do so on a regular basis in an attempt to minimize spread. Of places using this method of disinfecting are Schools, School buses, Medical Centers, Corporate Offices, Hair Salons, Gyms, even private residences and yep, other hotels.

    Marriott Is just the 1st hotel chain to hype the use of electrostatic sprayers to provide guest with some peace of mind – nothing more and not really new. So chillax or stay home.

  5. There are “hospital strength disinfectants” that are completely safe, nontoxic, environmentally friendly and Green Seal certified. Google Annihilare.com. I praise Marriott for going an extra step for safely cleaning their hotels.

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