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What does a successful work environment involve? Aside from potent and readily available caffeine, obviously. According to Marriott, focus groups summoned on the issue suggest a successful and productive work day involves peace and quiet, fast wifi, ample desk space, clean, sterilized surfaces and a few other bits. Sounding like a hotel room, yet?

For years, road warriors savored the thrill of meeting deadlines from hotels, and more accurately from hotel beds. Working from a hotel is fun, and without distractions from home, perhaps also a bit more productive. No judgement.

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Marriott “Work Anywhere”

Accordingly, and in response to the ever changing world that is the travel industry, Marriott is offering a new “work anywhere” way to experience hotels. You can basically use them like your own office, either for the daytime, daytime and nighttime, or like forever.

The news follows a recent trend and pivot from competitors including Hyatt, IHG and Accor, all working to create subscription models or alternative takes on hotel rates to fill rooms during the unprecedented downturn.

With the move, initially launching across Marriott portfolio hotels in London, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, New York, Toronto, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, guests can potentially choose from three distinct options. There’s the enticing “Day Pass”, “Stay Pass” and even more adventurous “Play Pass”.

Sound alluring, or at least intriguing? Here’s what each of these new Marriott stay “pass” options breaks down into, according to Marriott.

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Marriott Day Pass

Day Pass is a new offering, with London as one of the launch cities, that makes the hotel room your office for the day from 6 AM check in to 6 PM check out. Guests are provided:

  • Access to enhanced Wi-Fi.
  • Food and drinks. 
  • Additional spaces in the hotel like lobby work and social spaces.
  • Free to access the on-property business facilities such as printing, fax and scanning equipment, wherever available and depending on brand. 

In addition, Marriott Bonvoy members will receive:

  • Complimentary welcome amenity of healthy snacks.
  • Gift shop discounts.
  • Lounge access where available for those with Platinum, Titanium or Ambassador Elite status.
  • Earn points on eligible hotel charges.

Marriott Stay Pass 

Stay Pass combines a Day Pass for work with an overnight stay and is currently available at more than 2000 properties worldwide with early check in at 6 am and late checkout at 6 pm the day of departure. 

Marriott Play Pass 

Play Pass is for those seeking to work while also getting away – especially with family. Available in participating luxury and resort locations worldwide, Play Pass recognises that consumers currently have much more flexibility to travel, work and engage in school from anywhere they want.

With Play Pass, guests enjoy a business concierge, supervised kids’ activities, preferred office/study spaces along with curated experiences for the whole family to enjoy. Marriott Bonvoy members will be able to earn Elite night credits and points on eligible charges along with access to standard member benefits.

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Marriott Work Anywhere: A Revolutionary Way To Stay?

Hotels have rooms to fill and fewer travelers than anytime in recent history to fill them. There’s no question that work from home presents new challenges, from shared space to noise from an endless variety of possibilities.

At a reasonable rate, which seems to start around $30-50 in major cities, providing a hotel room slash office space with better privacy, safety and connectivity than most shared office concepts is a winning idea.

Even if it’ll cost more, and yes – it probably will. Plus, it’s fun to check in to a hotel. You never know if there’s an upgrade or exciting little treat waiting.

Further rollout of the “play pass” option is expected in Bali, Hawaii, Florida, California, Arizona, Cancun, Rio de Janeiro, Egypt, Thailand, Cyprus, and parts of Spain, which means these offers are expected to stick around for a while. If it means a new way to experience the thrill of hotels without traveling far, what’s not to love?

Explore more at Marriott.com.

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