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Most of the best points earning offers involve actual travel, or something like signing up for a new credit card – not that we mind. But sometimes its just really refreshing when there are opportunities to stack meaningful amounts of points, just from doing the things you do anyway, and just by being one step more clever than most of the population. Enter: Marriott Bonvoy.

Marriott Bonvoy has just launched “Dine Around Town”, and if you’re clever enough to opt in, you’ll be enjoying up to 8 miles per dollar spent on food – you guessed it – all around town, pretty much all over the USA. Oh, and you can earn 1,000 easy points to kick things off, too..

a bowl of salad with a spoonMarriott Bonvoy Dine Around Town

This is one of those opportunities that allows anyone to earn lucrative travel perks, like free nights or access to concerts and other experiences just from doing what they would be doing anyway. You eat out, you enjoy dinner, and with this promo you can earn points for doing so, regardless of whether you are travelling or carrying a rewards earning credit card.

And yes, you can earn even more points if you use a rewards earning credit card to pay the tab too. We happen to have some good info on the most rewarding rewards earning credit cards for dining so that you can stack the two bonuses!

The idea is simple: sign up to Marriott Bonvoy, sign up for Eat Around Town if you haven’t already, register a credit or debit card(s) you plan to use when you dine out. Every time you do, you earn points at any one of 11,000 restaurants in the USA. Sadly, this isn’t available elsewhere – yet.

a close-up of a credit cardHow It Works In Practice

If Marriott Bonvoy can explain it in an infographic, it shouldn’t take the 259 words we’re up to already, but such is life. Basically: sign up for Eat Around Town here, add the credit or debit cards you’ll pay for your meals with, convince your friends and family to let you pay the tab and give you cash instead of splitting the bill on card, so that you then enjoy 8 miles per dollar spent, while the higher rate is on offer. A $125 tab would earn you 1,000 points, and there’s no cap on earning.

Client dinner, anyone?

After November 11th, 2019 the offer will drop down to a standard rate of 4 Marriott Bonvoy Points per dollar spent at restaurants, not including any earning you’d also get from a rewards credit card. At 4 Bonvoy Points per dollar, that’s still 400 points on a $100 tab, which can add up to something good rather quickly.

This is an easy way to earn extra points to get you closer to a free night, or experience like a concert or night with a famous chef. Really, it’s a no brainer…

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