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Points rarely gain value over time, and are always best used whenever you first get a great chance. For people who recently took advantage of the amazing sale on buying Marriott Bonvoy Points (which is still going), there’s a really handy way to gain instant satisfaction, by using fewer points than usual for each night you want to book. Marriott Bonvoy’s latest loyalty offer is just the chance, so here’s the details.

Marriott Bonvoy ‘Off Peak’ Offer

During the recent points sale, we teased that Marriott has been doing a great thing with its loyalty program lately, by offering all hotels at “off peak rates”, for a certain period of time.

Marriott Bonvoy charges: off peak, standard and peak rates using points, which can be the difference in 30,000 points per night charged at a top end hotel. Off peak, exquisite and luxurious Ritz Carlton or St. Regis properties might charge 70,000 points per night, while peak dates require 100,000 points. It’s a big difference!

During this promotion, all hotels booked are ‘off peak’ and are 10% lower than usual.

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Ritz Carlton Al Bustan Palace

Even at fantastic, but not totally opulent properties the difference in Bonvoy off peak and peak can be 20,000 points per night, which means locking in off peak pricing takes your points much further on vacation.

With a 50% bonus on points purchases still going this is an opportunity for a double win, where you buy points for less, then use them at the best possible rate.

For a limited time, for stays from now through September 30th, 2021, over 90% of all Marriott Bonvoy participating hotels are charging off peak points rates and even offering an additional 10% off.

The catch? You must BOOK by February 21st to lock in the lower rates off peak.

To book, simply go to Marriott.com, login to your loyalty account and search for stays using points, by selecting “use points” in the search field. The vast majority of hotels should display their lowest possible price in points. You must book by the 21st to enjoy the off peak pricing and additional 10% off for travel through September.

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If you’re not sure which category your hotel fits into, click the specific hotel, to find the category number, then be sure to consult the Marriott Bonvoy Award Chart, which shows points rates for each category to confirm the hotel is charging off peak pricing.

You can search for Marriott hotels to book here.

This offer includes hotels in highly sought after areas which are taking covid-19 seriously, but are open for travelers, and where Marriott has some of their very best properties.

Think: Maldives, South Africa, Dubai, Caribbean, etc. Many of these destinations require a covid-19 test prior to flight, but do not require quarantine on arrival, creating a happy medium. Who wouldn’t want St. Regis Maldives right now?

After a year of lockdown just about everywhere, it’s safe to say anyone reading this deserves some winter sun, snow or pampering, and being able to shave a considerable number of points off each night you hope to book, not to mention travel nearly for free is an amazing way to make the most of winter!

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