Want to earn perks when you stay, and points to help you stay in the future ‘for free’, twice as fast? Good news, Marriott Bonvoy’s latest loyalty promotion allows you to do exactly that.

With vaccinations making their way to the public, Marriott is offering a variety of ways to earn elite status in record time, whether you leave home or not. It’s an exciting time to earn points, and an even more exciting time to chase elite status and benefits from free breakfast to lounge access and late checkout for a year or more, on every stay.

Marriott Bonvoy Double Nights + Points

Double Points is hardly worth getting out of bed for these days. Everyone does it, it’s great, the end. But add double nights to the equation, on top of double points, and some brows may furrow.

Marriott Bonvoy is offering all members (globally) a chance to earn double points on each stay, starting with your very first stay, and also double nights towards the Bonvoy elite tiers. The catch? It only applies to stays of two nights or more, and only on paid stays but that’s it – that’s the only catch.

The promotion link will be live soon, and updated on this page.

It means any of the status thresholds you might hope to climb, to achieve status like Silver, Gold, Platinum or Titanium can be done twice as quickly during the promotional period for stays from February 16th to April 17th. That’s two months of 2x nights.

Marriott Depositing Half The Nights You Need

On top of all that, all current elite members in the Marriott Bonvoy program, including Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium and beyond, will be credited with half the nights to re-qualify for next year – automatically. Stack that with the new double nights opportunity coming up, and also the generous chance to earn up to 30 nights just via credit cards, and it’s a bountiful year for Bonvoy fans.

The Marriott Bonvoy elite night credits will hit accounts in February 2021.

The night credits are based on the status you held in 2020. So if you were a general member, you receive no night credits but can participate in the upcoming double nights promo, whereas all Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium will receive half the nights needed to re-qualify, so a Platinum member, for example, will be credited with 25 nights.

Huge: 10% Off – Off Peak Points Prices

Marriott has 8 tiers to its award chart for using points for ‘free nights’. The higher the category number the hotel falls into, the more points you need, and a top Category 8 hotel runs 70,000 points per night off peak, up to 100,000 peak.

For stays through September 30th, 2021, but booked before February 21st, Marriott is reducing the number of Bonvoy oints needed for ‘off peak’ stays by 10%. This means basically every Marriott Bonvoy hotel around the globe, including luxe Ritz Carltons, St. Regis, Luxury Collection and others will now require 10% fewer points than before for most of 2021.

It’s rare to see a program charge fewer points these days, for anything. It’s awesome. You can browse Marriott Bonvoy’s latest offers and sales here, to plan your next trip.

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  1. I have 19 nights *hopefully* in west coast US in June and lots of points to use! Sadly my 21 April trip to New York is a few days too late if it even goes ahead.

  2. Hi Gilbert,

    Hope you are well? Do you know if reservations made today will count as long the stays are in the promotional period or if I should wait for the link to go live before I make my bookings? I’ve found some great rates at the Marriott Sukhumvit in Bangkok that should see me reach Platinum fairly easily (and cheaply) and want to lock in the rates if I don’t need to book after the promotion launch date.



    1. Normally Marriott is based on check in check out activity rather than booking date and you need to be registered for the promotion.

      Global promotions are not usually based on the date the reservation was made. My email didn’t mention any specific booking criteria but worth checking the rules when they make the promo live. Also double check the applicable dates, the ones that Marriott sent to me are different to those they sent Gilbert.

      We’re also launching the Better Two-gether promotion. You’ll earn double the number of points and Elite Night Credits on stays of two nights or more between February 16 and April 27, 2021. Registration starts soon.

  3. Same question as Harry K. I already have two hotel stays booked – in Phoenix in March and NYC in May. Do I need to cancel and rebook for this promotion to apply?

  4. I am really sorry, was travelling around the world all my live…but big Hotel chains like Marriott are nowadays just a big Ripoff!!!!! You pay 2-3 times the price of a hotel of the same level and get some stupid points, worth maybe 5%? How crazy is that? They are just using Your money to buy more hotels around the world…To raise the prices even more…Your money is not at all invested in your service or comfort! Forget all big Hotel chains…dont waist Your money anymore…

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