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If you’re thinking about earning elite guest status with a hotel, the best bet is usually to dream big. All the best perks are found at the higher end of the elite spectrum, and if you’re going to put any effort in at all, you might as well go all the way. Marriott just made it a whole lot easier to spend your way to Platinum, or even Titanium status, with the ability to earn 30 nights per year via credit cards.

a pool with palm trees and chairs and umbrellasMarriott Bonvoy Business And Personal Cards

Many of the “hacks” for earning nights that count towards Marriott Bonvoy elite status fell by the wayside in recent years, and that left travelers with just 15 nights up for grabs. Marriott just changed that for the better, allowing Bonvoy members to earn 15 nights via their personal Marriott Bonvoy credit cards, and another 15 nights with a small business card.

Running a household is a small business, as is managing an eBay store, Etsy or anything else where it’s handy to separate business expenses from personal.

30 nights gets you more than halfway to the 50 nights needed for Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Status, and more than a third of the way there for Marriott Bonvoy Titanium, earned after 75 nights.

In short: it’s a great way to jump up a tier from wherever you previously ended up.

Marriott Bonvoy offers a variety of credit cards across Chase and American Express, and to be ultra clear, if you nab a personal credit card offering 15 nights of elite credit per year, and a business card offering 15 nights of elite credit annually, you’ll enjoy all 30 nights.

a bedroom with a bed and a deskShould You Bother With Bonvoy Credit Cards?

Getting a personal and business credit card with Marriott Bonvoy should yield at least 150,000 points between the two, not to mention the annual 30 nights of elite status credit. If you were staying circa 20 nights and falling just short of Gold, this leap to Platinum is significant.

If you were staying 40 nights annually and falling just short of Platinum, this gets you within 5 nights of Titanium, for yet another excellent double jump. The Chase Bonvoy Bold ($0 annual fee) Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Amex ($450 annual fee) and the Chase Bonvoy Boundless ($95 annual fee) offer the 15 night credit for personal cards, but you’re limited to just 15 nights total from personal cards.

The American Express Bonvoy Business Card ($125 annual fee) is the only route to the other 15 nights, and is an excellent card offering a 75,000 Bonvoy Point sign up bonus at the moment. GSTP does not receive any commission on this card, just FYI – just pointing out a great route to elite status.

Obviously, elite status is no good if you’re not traveling, but this is a great strategy for when travel resumes, if nothing else.

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