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The Maldives is exotic, exclusive, elusive and ultra luxurious all in one, with seclusion all around. Resorts set on stunning “desert island” atolls are only reachable by seaplane or speedboat, with little access to the outside world, which for many luxury travelers is exactly the point. You’re in your own world here.

Just weeks ago, the Maldivian Government toted potential plans for the reopening of tourism, which effectively meant the stunning destination already mostly accessible only to one percenters, was introducing new measures which would prevent virtually anyone but the one percent of one percent visiting.

The reopening plans included a quandry of new measures including mandatory $100 visas prior to your arrival, including 14 day minimum stay requirements, health insurance covering covid-19 and multiple covid-19 tests, before and during travel, at the travelers expense.

To put it lightly, the plans were not well received, one percent of one percenter, or not, and given that tourism is over 30% of the entire GDP of the country, such draconian measures were deemed too strong of a risk…

98125629 - overwater villas on the tropical lagoon, maldives islandsMaldives Trades Red Tape For Velvet Ropes On July 1st

Now, the Maldives affirms plans to reopen July 1st to tourists all over the globe, and it’s going as far to attract visitors as any other country, if not further. The new plans drop every tenet of the newish-old plans, and mean there’s absolutely no restriction on how long someone must stay, nor do the new-new plans require any covid-19 testing before, or during. Basically, if you want to visit, you absolutely can.

Specific restrictions against any countries dealing with ongoing infection issues have not been specified of yet, but for those based in Asia, Pacific and Europe, it appears to be game on for trips starting July 1st. As the plans currently sit, there’s no need to obtain a visa in advance, nor is there the need to produce a recent negative test result for covid-19 to fly.

Is the Maldives taking too many risks with new tourism plans?

As a primarily outdoor oriented vacation spot where most activities taking place in the sun, or under the sea, all typically with lots of social distancing, this is an area which may be better prepared to take risks than others. At the same time, getting urgent medical care on deserted island atolls is more difficult than most metropolitan areas, so for the faint of heart, or high at risk, now may not be the time to visit.

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