It’s a sad feeling when you use up all the points and miles you worked so hard to collect. We collected over 400,000 miles in the last year and though it sounds like a lot, they spend very very fast. We’ve discussed ten ways to earn miles without flying and there is a further method which also doesn’t require getting on a airplane, leaving the house, or even putting pants on. 

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For almost every points and miles earning credit card you can earn referral credit. Though this may be obvious to some, I feel that it’s a very powerful and overlooked way to top up miles. There is no crazy process for becoming an affiliate, in fact there is no process at all. The offers vary between the cards, but I find most offer an even 5,000-10,000 points or miles (I prefer points) for each person you refer that is approved, and uses the card. Some banks limit your earnings at 50,000 points per card but who cares, that’s as much as the sign up bonus you likely got (or better). 

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Basically, this is very easy. If you can find a way to slip how much you love whichever card you carry into a dinner conversation you can really top off your points balances quickly. One reader who will remain nameless told me that they collected close to a million British Airways Avios off of referrals. Nice to be popular. The easiest way to get started is by clicking these links: UK Amex (BA Cards, Green, Gold and Platinum), USA Amex (Delta, Starwood, Green, Gold and Platinum), Chase (Freedom, Sapphire Preferred, BA, Southwest). Once logged in, simply enter the email addresses of those you would like to refer, encourage them to use your link and voila! If you have a card you are looking to get I’ll be more than happy to refer you ; )

Happy hunting, or should I say happy casual conversation dropping! Get those points!

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