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Sometimes right in the middle is the perfect way to go. Everyone loves luxury hotels but few people love the prices. Some people like Airbnb, but face extreme anxiety about the endless array of “what if’s”. The way we travel is changing and while everyone currently sees each city as “Airbnb or hotel”, new options are emerging. After two recent stays, this may be the best kept secret yet. There’s just one downside: you don’t get to endure the awkward fumble with the doorman where you fumble for your wallet…

a motorcycle parked on a narrow streetSweet Inn

To be clear from the get-go, we get nothing from this. We were tipped off about a hotel amenities meets refined apartment app worth investigating and chose to explore further. After using it in both Paris and Rome, the verdict is yes, Sweet Inn is unequivocally, unreservedly fantastic. It may actually be the best unkept secret in travel. With every mediocre hotel in Rome priced above €130 a night, and superb hotels with tiny rooms over €300, we used Sweet Inn for a €60 per night luxury one bedroom apartment in Monti, with hotel amenities. It was like Airbnb sans crippling stress, but with a big dose of hotel comfort too.

How It Works

It’s like Airbnb. You go on the app, or website and enter your city. So far there are around 13 cities in Europe and Israel. You’re presented with a list of options, all of which would fall somewhere under the upscale varietal of apartment with varying numbers of bedrooms, almost all of which are in desirable, trendy neighborhoods. Finding authentic, upscale local neighborhoods is always a thrill, so after a little research we found the best option for this trip. There were plenty of places under €80 per night.

Current Sweet Inn Cities: Barcelona, Brussels, Dublin, Jerusalem, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rome, Seville and Tel Aviv…

Unlike Airbnb where each experience is totally different from host to host and disaster, like disgusting apartments may strike at any moment, Sweet Inn curates and stocks each place. There are toiletries like shampoo and shower gel, hotel quality mattresses, hotel quality sheets and towels and every day amenities, like sewing kit and combs. Basically, the apartments even have the stuff you usually have to request from a front desk and they’re sealed and branded like a hotel would. If you want breakfast…

a living room with a couch and a tableGoing Beyond

What amazed us was that each place offered experiences beyond the norm, including options like breakfast in bed. Wifi was fast, which was essential, but if we wanted to order a private chef, airport transfer or special tour experience, all could be organized directly in the app. Much like the best hotel apps, you communicate directly with someone, 24 hours a day just using the chat feature. This was huge on our last day for finding a luggage storage spot. In some apartments, you can even be buzzed in remotely.

Really, It’s About Pricing

A few outfits have gone down similar roads, but few seem to have nailed it on price point or customization the way Sweet Inn (currently) is, and we (hope) will stay forever. €60 a night for an amazing Roman apartment in Monti is outstanding. In Paris, we needed three bedrooms and found a solution under €300 per night in a true luxury setting. Few things in life make us want to shout from the rooftops about it for free, but this is one them. Our suggestion? Download the app, play around and see if its the answer for your next Euro getaway…

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    1. Agree with Robert. Checked London for the end of June and every apartment was over $400/night (1 bedroom)

      1. Peak summer in one of the world’s most expensive cities is rarely going to be cheap. Did you look elsewhere at all?

  1. The cheapest price I could see for Rome in September was a studio for about $150 USD. I could Hotwire a 4* hotel for much cheaper then that.

    Looking at larger accommodations such as a room for 2 adults and 2 kids in Barcelona was about $300 USD.

    At those prices, I don’t see this being something to shout about, but I do like more options, and this does seem to be another good option on top of Airbnb for example.

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