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British Airways and American Airlines are offering some “cheap” first class tickets to New York City, from Paris and Dublin.

Of course, there’s nothing actually cheap about first class, but in a summer where people are paying more than £1000 for economy, a deal that brings a four cabin upgrade for £1900 round trip, or less, is pretty amazing.

Via some online travel agencies deals can be as low as £1795.

If you are looking for cheap business class flights to New York this summer, you might most probably be out of luck, but this may be better. From many European countries prices are higher than this deal in First class.

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BA First Class. Business class fares can be upgraded to First, using Avios.

First Class Travel Dates

From Paris the travel dates start in mid-July until the end of March. Availability is pretty good, also during the Christmas holidays, but on some dates prices are a bit higher, around £2130.

From Dublin there’s similar pricing, but availability is more scarce for the price. You can find plenty of dates from November until the end of February, and if you want the best probability of pulling one up, look on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

How to Book These Flight Deals

The cheapest fares can be found via OTA’s, links with prices to Momondo below. Google Flights also works. If you had to choose, it’s a tough one. American offers a direct flight, but a generally sub-par experience in “first”. British Airways involves a stop through London, but a bit more refinement with the newer cabin.

£1903 First class round trip Paris to New York

£1931 First class round trip Dublin to New York

For whatever reason, Kayak in the UK seems to have even lower deals from time to time, at £1795 round trip. For what it’s worth, team GSTP booked these for summer after failing to find any compelling business deals!

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