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Swiss has an excellent business class on the Boeing 777.
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Flying business class is priceless, except it’s not. It’s usually extremely pricey.  But not always. Swiss Airlines, known for having one of the very best business class offerings in the world, is having a special two for one sale – slashing business class prices to top destinations. Tempting? We’d say so!

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Sofitel Dubai

The Deal

Swiss is running a 2 for 1 promotion on both first and business class tickets, with the very best deals out of (easy to reach) Paris. Business class deals start at €999 per person, and First Class deals on Swiss’ renowned First Class start at €1799 round trip. In business, the best deals are €899 to Dubai, €947 to Muscat, €1199 to Hong Kong, Bangkok or Beijing and €1350 to Brazil, Singapore or Johannesburg, South Africa.

a row of gold statues in a templeThe Dates

Dates will vary by destination, but a very wide range of dates is available for 2018. Simply follow the links below, taking you directly to the good deals!

a seats in an airplaneBooking

The first class offers can be viewed here, while business class offers can be viewed here. We personally booked these deals to India earlier in the year, at slightly higher prices – so this is phenomenal stuff. €899 to Dubai or €1199 to many top destinations in Asia is unbeatable, especially for refined flat bed business class. Enjoy!

Where are you jetting off in style?

Featured image courtesy of Swiss International Airlines.

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  1. This seems to be even better than reported. It looks like you can take business one way, and 1st the other. Open jaws seem to work also. I haven’t checked open jaw mixed class, but I don’t see any reason that wouldn’t work.

    In order for it to work though, there needs to be an eligible flight in the desired class to/from the desired destination/start, and they seem to be filling up fast.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something but how do you get to the link that shows which cities this special is from? Seems like your links only go to departing CDG.

  3. I have tried Luxe Travel twice now, never again. You end-up speaking with someone just out of high school with very little product knowledge and unfamiliar with the fares we call about. And they always state higher prices even though it’s clearly sated in their advertising we occasionally see online is never what they can match. Better to go direct with the airlines or use a mainstream OTA. But I assume GSTP are paid commission to freely advertise them here without telling us it’s paid advertising.

    1. Haha you are so off base. Luxe is not a trademark, it’s a term. As in luxury. This is a luxury deal, booked direct with Swiss, which you would know if you clicked over to the deal. We actually get nothing from these tickets. Ive never even heard of Luxe Travel. But enjoy 🙄…

  4. Booked today CDG – to Dubai 3 business class return less than £850 return each for June next year connecting from UK £48 each then on to Zanzibar after a 2 day lay over in Dubs. Zanzibar £200 each … very happy lady – now just need to book hotels .. great deal seats picked tickets printed Holiday for 3 less than £3k previously looked at the same holdaiy quoted £6K .. thanks for sight of the deal – happy holidys

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